E Ink Testing Capacitive and Electromagnetic Touchscreens for E-Paper Devices

Aug 12, 2010

E Ink, based out of Taiwan, has just revealed that they have built two new e-paper devices, which are currently being subjected to their individual tests, courtesy of their potential buyers. The two devices should be released into the market some time later this year, or at the latest early next year. All of this was unveiled from the company's chairman, Scott Liu. The main draw of the pair of gadgets, is the capacitive or electromagnetic touchscreens.

In the mean time, though, E Ink's color-based e-paper display readers based on their Pearl display, have just been bought up by Hanvon. According to E Ink, the new displays have a far better response time and reflection. Which is good, because based on their projections, color eReaders are going to account for ten percent of the market by 2011. Which means a good head start won't hurt the company at all. As of right now, the grayscale displays are the main focus of eReaders, but do you think E Ink is correct? Will color eReaders explode onto the scene soon enough?

[via Electronista]

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