DzyPlastic shows off three new Series 2 Android robot toys

Feb 9, 2011

If you are an Android geek that likes toys, you are in for a treat with the three new DzyPlastic Android mascot toys that have been unveiled. The plastic bots are cool, look like the Google mascot, and come with different paint jobs on them.

My favorite of the three new bots is called Racer. It's in a racing green color with white stripes. On the chest of the toy is a printed window with a little Android bot driving. It's like the Shelby version. A pink version called Rupture is offered too that looks like a black and white head has popped out of a pink suit.

Rupture is feminine looking with the pink and would make a good Valentine's gift for a geeky woman in your life. The last of the three is called Bluebot and is just blue.

Via Android Community

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