Dymo CardScan Mobile lands on iPhone and Blackberry devices

Oct 26, 2010

I used to work with a guy that had to keep up with tons of business cards. The dude had cards crammed everywhere and he was always losing them or having a hard time finding the contact info for the person he was looking for. If you have to keep up with a lot of business cards and have a similar problem, you need the new Dymo CardScan Mobile app.

The app has been announced for the iPhone and for the Blackberry Curve 8900, Storm 9530, Storm 2 9550, Tour 9630, and Bold 9700 smartphones. The app is very simple you just take your business card and snap a picture of it with the camera on your phone.

The app automatically parses the image, takes the pertinent data, and enters it in to your smartphone contacts menu. The app can be downloaded right now on the App Store or in App World for Blackberry users for $9.99. The app has been on Windows Mobile phones since October of last year and this is the first time it has landed on other platforms.

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