Droid Pro to launch on Verizon for $299 with contract says leak

Oct 25, 2010

We don't have much in the way of info on this new leaked Android smartphone for Verizon. Apparently, a new device called the Droid Pro by Motorola is coming and a page on the Verizon site for the new smartphone has been leaked ahead of the official unveiling of the smartphone.

The page has scant facts and no images for the device, but it does list the price for the smartphone at $299 with a 2-year contract. That is a lot of money with high-end new devices typically going in the $199 range with a new contract.

The only features listed on the holder page for the device claims Bluetooth, a touch screen, email access, and video recording. All of those are things we expect on smartphones today so nothing earth shattering there. A test page also surfaced on the iPad showing the non contract price of $699 so that $299 price with a contract looks accurate. Ouch.

Via Android Community

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