DoubleTwist Adds AirPlay Support And DoubleTap Feature For NFC-Enabled Android Devices

May 10, 2011

The popular media management and sharing Android app called DoubleTwist has just added some nifty new features with their recent update to version 1.4.2. The update brings with it AirPlay support so that you can now stream music, videos, and photos to your Apple TV. They also added a cool feature called DoubleTap that lets you transfer music or videos between two NFC-enabled devices just by tapping them together.

DoubleTwist may be the first Android media player to have an NFC-based media transferring feature. Google has been pushing NFC in its new mobile devices, such as the Nexus S, but a lot of attention has been focused on the arena of mobile payments. The new DoubleTap feature reminds us that there are many other possibilities and advantages to incorporating NFC chips on mobile devices.

Back in February they had unleashed an AirSync feature that supported streaming to DLNA devices so that you could easily stream pictures, music, and movies straight to your TV via an Xbox 360 or PS3. Now with the addition of AirPlay and DoubleTap, the DoubleTwist app has become much more than simply an iTunes for Android. The company uploaded a video today demonstrating the DoubleTap feature in action.

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