Dot Wristwatch Features LED Time Telling, More Bracelet Than Watch

Aug 16, 2010

We're not sure when it happened, but apparently the move to make your wristwatch look more like a bracelet than, say, a watch is apparently taking off. This time around, it's the "Dot" wristwatch, utilizing LED technology to bring you the latest time without much effort at all. What makes it more bracelet than watch, too, is the fact that it's created from perforated rubber, and not some ridiculous amount of metal.

It is, though, still supposed to be a high-end device. And with the usage of LED technology, we can see where that viewpoint would come from. It may not look as flashy as some other high-end watches out there, And, just in case you're wondering how you're supposed to change some settings, like an alarm or what not, there are some physical buttons on there, on the ridge of the extruded surface.

We can thank Polish designer Damian Kozlik for this great new invention, and we're hoping that this makes it out of concept art sooner than later. Especially if the design images represent future usage, and we can actually modify the buttons to our liking, in some fashion or another. Even if we can't, the LED wristband is cool enough to grab our attention.

[via The Design Blog]

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