Digital Day Counter To Track Down Old Food

Oct 24, 2006
Digital Day Counter To Track Down Old Food

I’m sure we’ve all had some delicious leftovers left over too long that turned into a fuzzy marsh. Perhaps, that extreme was only a few times, but more often we simply leave food just long enough that when we take a nice big bite out of that leftover garlic bread, we wonder “was that suppose to be sourdough bread?” The Digital Day Counter from attempts to prevent those situations with a device that attaches to our container lids either via magnetism or suction. With a press of a button, the LCD screen displays the number of days that particular container has sat in your fridge. I think it’d be more useful if when your food has surpassed its time, the device actually sounds an alarm when you open the fridge. Priced at $12.

Digital Day Counter for Food [Via: Techie Diva]

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