Digifit outs new accessories for getting fit with tech

Mar 23, 2011
Digifit outs new accessories for getting fit with tech

Digifit has announced that it is updating its health app for iPhones with some new features and adding a couple new accessories for those trying to get fit that want to use tech. The company has unveiled the new Digifit Connect 2 and the Digifit Bike case. The app is now at version 3.11 and adds in some new features.

The new features include a Web Locker Sync and blood pressure tracking tool. The company also notes that voice feedback in QuickStart workouts is coming in the next app update. The Digifit Connect 2 is a small ANT+ adapter that can record time intervals and offers voice feedback to help you guide your workouts for a specific heart rate in your target zone. It also offers updates on metrics like speed and distance.

The new AN T+ adapter is 60% smaller than the previous offering. The other new accessory is a water-resistant bike case for the iPhone and Digifit Connect receiver is built-in. The case lets the person riding a bike for workouts keep track of their workout data without fearing rain will kill their iPhone.

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