Diablo 3 Barbarian QcK Mousepad Released by SteelSeries

Nov 30, 2010

People still use mousepads? Wait, what's that, people still use a mouse to click things on their computer screen? Man, it's been so long since I've used a desktop for anything day-to-day that it threw me for a loop seeing this SteelSeries QcK Diablo 3 Barbarian Edition mousepad. It's the latest in what I'd call a very limited promotion of Diablo 3, the game that's been on all Diablo 2 fanatics minds for what seems like decades. Perhaps this portends a release inside the next few years.

It does seem like a nice mousepad though when you look at it, yes? Smooth cloth surface, non-slip rubber base, medium size, terrifyingly bulky barbarian graphic. Is it worth $15? If you're wild enough to get down to such specifics for a serious gaming experience - sure, why not?

[Via SteelSeries]

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