Delu Rebot Restaurant in China Features Robots Serving Food, Greeting Guests

Dec 9, 2010

For those still waiting to hear about the robot revolution, you'll have to keep waiting a bit longer. Though, finding out that a restaurant in China is now letting a team of robots not only greet customers, but also serve them food, perhaps that day is right around the corner. A new restaurant, called the Delu Rebot Restaurant opened its doors in Jiang, China, and offers up plenty of robot entertainment for those who want to partake.

The new restaurant has two robots that serve as receptionists. They'll greet you, but the real fun starts when you find your seat. You'll notice that the tables are set up in a circular fashion. This makes it easier for the robots to follow that pre-ordained path. And they do it on bicycles, no less. But, these robots will not only take your order, but also serve it to you, too. Drinks included.

In the kitchen, though, there are humans preparing the food. At least for now. The ultimate goal? To have the restaurant staffed by up to 40 robots.

[via DVICE]

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