Dell offers power supply and BIOS updgrade to Studio XPS 1645 owners

Jul 26, 2010

If you are one of the notebook users who purchased a Dell Studio XPS 1645 notebook computer and had issues with throttling when running CPU intensive apps, a solution is finally here. Dell admitted back in February that there was an issue that caused throttling of the notebooks and affected performance depending on usage.

Dell determined that the issue was related to the limitation of the 90W power adapter that was shipped with the notebook. Dell has now announced that it has a new BIOS for the notebooks that is available for download.

Along the new BIOS Dell is replacing the 90W power supplies with larger and more powerful 130W adapters. Between the BIOS update and the new power adapter, the throttling issues are resolved according to Dell. The adapter will be sent to owners of the notebooks free of charge.

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