Defibrillator-shaped toaster crying out for a Steve Martin film to goof in

Aug 3, 2010

While we wouldn't argue with some kitchen/hospital crossovers - better food while you're recuperating would be nice - we can't help but think designing a toaster to look like a defibrillator opens up all manner of potential pratfalls. The handiwork of Shay Carmon, toast/e/r is tongue-in-cheek billed as a way to "revive your old bread".

Out go the traditional slots and in come two bread-shaped depressions and a pair of toasting-paddles.  We're guessing the dial at the front adjusts how well toasted the bread gets (or, if mis-used, how serious the burns on your chest are).

Unfortunately this is all a design exercise and not a commercial product, but as a potential "congratulations on graduating medical school" gift it has real appeal.  Just make sure you keep it and the real thing separate: the last thing you want is a whole load of Joules through your thick-sliced harvest granery.

[via DesignBoom]

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