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MegaUpload data reprieve: Safe until mid-February

Legitimate user data stored with seized file-sharing service MegaUpload is safe from deletion until at least mid-February, the lawyer for the piracy-accused site has confirmed, though there's still no way for users to actually access it. Having been taken down by US federal prosecutors earlier this month, the longevity of MegaUpload's database was in question after investigators said hosting companies could begin deleting data from Thursday, February 2. That's been avoided, MegaUpload lawyer Ira Rothken told TorrentFreak, for "at least" two weeks more.

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Nokia’s 1997 game Snake authentically recreated on Windows Phone

There aren't many mobile phone games from the 1990s that are really worth taking a second look. In fact, the entire market of vintage cell phone games is sorely uninspiring, but there is one that has and always will stand out from its monochromatic brethren. If you had a Nokia phone back in the day, then you either played Snake or you should have.

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Harmonix game in the works for Xbox Live, PSN, and Facebook?

The guys at Harmonix are fairly occupied working on continuous downloadable content for Dance Central, but apparently there is something else in the works for the music game moguls. Brian Chan, who was the senior designer for Rock Band 3, has mentioned on his own public resume that he has begun working on a new Harmonix project, but nothing matching his description has yet been announced by the video game company.

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet will get Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade

In case you've been wondering what happened to Ice Cream Sandwich upgrades to Android-powered tablets, Lenovo has confirmed it will release an update to the ThinkPad Tablet in the second quarter of 2012. Asus's Transformer Prime device has been the only upgraded tablet so far and it's being met with problems, but hopefully those kinks will be worked out before Lenovo steps into the ring.

Google+ Hangout with Obama spurs SOPA discussion

President Obama appeared before the world tonight in a virtual town hall that took place on Google+. As could easily be expected, there were some controversial issues to discuss, one of which was the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). Obama responded to a question about the piece of legislation by saying there could be other workarounds, though he did not firmly voice opposition to the measure.

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Star Trek apartment costs $150K, gets ruined in divorce

If we told you that a man who was able to create a replica of the Star Trek Voyager starship in his apartment ended up being served divorce papers by his wife, you probably wouldn't be that surprised. But if we told you that same amazing apartment was going to be destroyed by said wife, you'd probably at least be disappointed. That is the story of a poor unfortunate nerd named Tony Alleyne.

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Taco Bell offers PlayStation Vita in pre-release sweepstakes

If you can't wait until February 22 to get your hands on Sony's newest portable gaming device, you'll need to set aside some extra time for the bathroom. Your shot at winning a pre-release PlayStation Vita is at the same place where you can buy Fritos-filled burritos. Sony's new partnership with Taco Bell follows the storied tradition of fast food/video game enterprises - we're talking about Burger King Xbox 360 games, Nintendo Zone hotspots at McDonald's, and Kinect promotions at, again, Burger King.

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Apple iPhone 5 will have strong NFC support: report

There's new life emerging for one of the big Apple rumors that came out last year but never gained much steam. We're talking about Near Field Communication (NFC) support for the next generation of the iPhone. NFC, of course, is the standard used in contactless credit cards today and is looking to be a standard feature of smartphones tomorrow.

Nintendo Zelda sequel trailer is cool but not real

In this world, there are people who make games and there are insane, talented fans of those games who create their own amazing adaptations of famous series and franchises. Sadly, these two sides rarely intertwine. Take for example, a recently uploaded trailer for Zelda: The Lost Oracle - not an actual Zelda game, but we certainly wish it were.

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Apple iPhone 4S reservations now require government ID in Hong Kong

If you want an iPhone 4S in Hong Kong, you'll need an Internet connection, a government-issued photo ID, and a bit of luck. Apple has amended its online lottery system after scalpers and bots created mayhem and an utter lack of fairness to normal consumers. The new system makes Hong Kong the most stringent country to officially offer the newest iPhone.

SlashGear Evening Wrap-Up: January 30, 2012

Shrug off that case of the Mondays you've had all day and check out what made news in the gadget world today. For starters, there are a couple new developments in mobile data plans in the US. On the Verizon side, the carrier may soon be launching family data plans, making it a bit more affordable to have multiple smartphones on the same account. T-Mobile is playing the restriction card, as it will start imposing data roaming limits on April 5.

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