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HTC Wildfire S Review

Expectations around the HTC Wildfire S are, a little surprisingly, high. The third of HTC's new Android devices from MWC 2011 in February, the entry-level smartphone replaces the Wildfire, a device which managed to carve itself quite the niche among pre-pay users and the budget or bulk conscious. Now the S-variant comes to further refine the lineage: we're a long way from the Tattoo, but has HTC done enough to keep the Wildfire S relevant today? Check out the full SlashGear review after the cut.

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ZTE countersues Huawei over LTE patents in China

As night follows day, so a patent suit from one company usually spawns another in return; we've seen it happen with Apple and Samsung, and now Huawei  and ZTE are doing the same IP dance. After Huawei sued ZTE yesterday over allegations of patent theft, so ZTE has sued Huawei today "for patent infringement over its fourth-generation Long-Term Evolution, or LTE, cellular wireless technologies in China."

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HTC Kingdom and HTC Rider leak: Euro EVO 3D?

Two unannounced HTC Android smartphones have leaked, the HTC Kingdom (left) and HTC Rider (right). Caught in the wild by 911Sniper (here and here), the two handsets look physically similar, but the Kingdom has a qHD, 960 x 540 display; both phones appear to have a front-facing camera, and it's suggested that at least one could be the GSM version of the HTC EVO 3D.

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TS3Cine high-resolution digital camera coming this summer

There are so many digital cameras on the market that you can find one to suit any need or want. Some of the cameras are dirt cheap, and others can cost more than a very nice new car. The high-end offerings have more resolution and are often aimed at professionals who need to scale high-resolution images all the way up to gigantic billboard size. A new digital camera from Boston Rule Camera has surfaced that will be landing this summer.

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Awesome HipstaCase from Hipstamatic for iPhone

I know that many people out there take photos on their iPhone, and I know a few people that shoot photos on the camera more than they do anything else. The bulk of those photos end up on Facebook. I think everyone that has an iPhone needs to have it in a case to keep it from breaking if they drop it. The case will also prevent your skin from killing the signal strength too. This case called the HipstaCase makes your iPhone look like on old school camera.

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Flipbac Camera Grips help you to get a grip on your camera

I normally shoot photos with a Nikon D80 DSLR when I want to take really good pics. I like the camera because it has a comfortable grip and high image quality, in all the years I have been shooting with the D80, I have never had it slip out of my hands. I also have a new small point and shoot that takes HD video and the little thin rectangle has slipped out of my mitts on more than one occasion only to be saved by the wrist strap.

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