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Nintendo is Competing Against Time, Sees Apple as Threat in Near Term

Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime sat down with Forbes recently, and discussed quite a few things. Namely, he wanted to make sure that people understood that, while there are plenty of competitors out there, that Nintendo isn't competing with them. In fact, Nintendo is fighting something much bigger. "It's all about time," Fils-Aime said, when asked who Nintendo competes with.

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Z Backscatter Van Used to Scan for Car Bombs, Drugs and People in Hiding

X-ray machines are finding their way into a lot of different areas. While it used to be that you'd expect to be scanned by a machine at your doctor's office or the airport, that's not the case anymore. Not surprising, considering the way we embrace being mobile. The Z Backscatter Van (ZBV) is the creation of American Science & Engineering (AS&E), and it's designed specifically to be able to scan things out in the real world. But, questions are already being raised.

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Straddling Bus Heading to the United States

At the beginning of August, we told you about the Mega Straddle Bus. It's a giant vehicle that doesn't actually drive on the road like a traditional bus, but actually straddles it. Furthermore, it has enough room beneath it that individual cars and small trucks can pass underneath it, as people commute back and forth. The idea was a grand one, and some may have even considered it too grandiose to actually be implemented. But, that's not stopping the brainchild of the huge passenger vehicle from setting his sights on the United States.

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Sennheiser PC 360, PC 163D, PC 333D & PC 330 G4ME Gaming Headphones Unveiled

Taking gaming seriously, whether it's on a console or the PC, means that players put a lot of effort into making sure they can hear every little detail in the game at all times. While that may mean having an impressive sound system distributed through the room, it usually means that you'll find a gamer in his or her chair, with a pair of headphones over their ears. Making sure they are totally engrossed into the game means they have to have a pair of gaming headphones that makes it worth it. Sennheiser has unveiled a full line of bran new gaming headphones, including one flagship model, as well as surround sound cans for 3D gaming.

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Eating the Dog’s Food

I knew a woman who worked for a packaged goods company. She worked on snack foods, but the company, a huge, multi-national conglomerate, also made high quality pet foods. If you visited her at work, her desk would be covered in the crunchy snacks she helped create. Next to her desk, her neighbor had an unfortunate supply of rat poison, the product on which he worked. A few desks down, a co-worker kept an open bowl of dog treats on the desk.

"Do you folks get a lot of dogs visiting?" I asked, assuming that he was keeping treats around for four-legged guests.

"No," she said. "He eats those."

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Uncrating [Video]

It seems like it's been a long time since Samsung officially announced the Galaxy Tab back at IFA 2010 in early September.  Since then we've seen gradual European availability of the Android slate, in the run-up to a UK launch on November 1 and broad US sales on all four major carriers in the middle of next month.  Today, DHL dropped off a wooden crate on the SlashGear doorstep, with a shiny new European-spec Galaxy Tab inside; check out the unboxing uncrating after the cut, together with a video demo and some first impressions.

Video unboxing after the cut

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Amazon Windowshop for iPad hits App Store

Amazon has launched an iPad app, Amazon Windowshop, reckoning that users of Apple's slate will spend more money if they have a custom-designed interface.  Described as "a complete rewrite of," the new app - which is a free download [iTunes link] from the App Store - offers the same products as the regular browser version, as well as 1-click purchases and Wish List support.

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BlackBerry PlayBook gets Adobe AIR video demo

RIM came in for some criticism for not only keeping their BlackBerry PlayBook tablet behind glass after the slate's official unveil, but for not even having a unit on-stage during the announcement, leading to speculation that the Canadian company didn't even have a working unit to show.  That's obviously not been the case at this week's Adobe MAX conference keynote, during which RIM CEO Mike Lazaridis whipped out a PlayBook for a demo.

Video after the cut

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Western Digital WD TV Live Hub packs 1TB, 1080p, streaming & more

Western Digital has outed its latest media-streaming set top box, the WD TV Live Hub, a low-profile 1TB drive with Full HD 1080p playback support and Netflix, Blockbuster on Demand, Pandora and YouTube.  As you'd expect, there's a fulsome list of supported file types - including MPEG4, Xvid, MKV, H.264 and MOV - while ports include gigabit ethernet, two USB 2.0, HDMI, composite and component video, and optical audio.

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