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OWC offers RAM upgrades for new iMac

If you plan on ordering one of the new updated iMac computers that Apple unveiled this week, you can save yourself a bit of green by getting the most basic amount of RAM. Apple isn't known for offering good deals when you upgrade memory.

Mac specialty shop OWC has announced memory upgrades specifically for the new iMac computers. Buyers can get 2GB of PC10600 1333MHz SO-DIMM RAM for $59.99. If that isn’t enough RAM for you a 4GB kit of the same stuff with a pair of 2GB modules will set you back $117.99.

If you want that 4GB of RAM in a single module, you can get it for $144.99. OWC also has kits with 8GB via a pair of those 4GB modules for $279.99 and a 16GB kit with four of the 4GB modules for $549.99.

Amazon Kindle Unveils New Models: $189 3G Model, $139 WiFi-Only

Well, sure enough, it turns out that something did come from the Amazon Kindle selling out, with no sign of any restocking happening. Because Amazon has just pulled the curtain off their brand new Kindle, and sure enough, it's actually worth the wait. Bringing in that new graphite look, plus a new look and feel to the keyboard, the new Kindle brings with it the same features that we all know and love, but plenty of new ones that we know plenty of folks are looking forward to.

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Magic Trackpad Review

External trackpads aren't exactly new, but Apple has managed to instill no small degree of excitement into their new Magic Trackpad by virtue of their multitouch technology. Essentially the trackpad from a MacBook Pro, sliced out and blown up, the wireless peripheral promises to bring gestures Apple's mobile users have been enjoying to their desktop compatriots. Check out the SlashGear review after the cut.

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Toshiba REGZA ZG1 & F1 3DTV Models Announced, Heading to Japan

The 3D movement isn't going anywhere any time soon, and as long as the TVs that power that technology in our living rooms start lowering those staggering prices, we can honestly say that it's probably only going to get broader before it dies away. Thanks to Toshiba, there are a few new 3DTVs coming to the market, but you can be the judge on whether or not they're helping the "cheaper" cause.

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RIM Lands, Tablet Rumors Heat Up

It's been a little bit of time since we last heard a rumor about the (supposedly) inevitable tablet from Research In Motion, so now's as good as time as any. The company based out of Waterloo has bought a new web address, apparently making sure that they get to keep the name, "BlackPad." It's changed hands in the past, and so the current belief is that RIM paid some kind of sum to the previous owner, but those details are missing from this new report.

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Lenovo IdeaCentre Q150 Review

While ultra-compact nettops have been around for some time now, they're still yet to revolutionize the HTPC market as we were initially promised. Hoping to change all that is Lenovo with their new IdeaCentre Q150, packing NVIDIA's Ion 2 GPU paired with a low-power Intel Atom CPU. Lenovo say it's good for 1080p HD; does the real-world experience live up to the spec sheet? Check out the full SlashGear review after the cut.

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NZXT Phantom Full Tower Chassis Unveiled, Available This September

Remember how NZXT said they weren't going out of business? Looks like they were telling the truth, because the company has just announced a brand new full tower chassis for all you power PC gamers out there. It's definitely one of the more interesting looking chassis we've seen in awhile, and it comes in a few color choices, too. NZXT's saying that this is their most elegant and intelligent chassis designed ever constructed, and considering their plethora of previous models released over the years, that's a pretty bold statement.

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Hitachi Brings Minority Report to Life

Motion controlled computers aren't as fresh or new as they were a year ago, but that doesn't mean that when we see cool technology being demonstrated, we still don't get a bit weak in the knees. This time around, we get a brief glimpse into the future, thanks to Hitachi and their new motion-controlled interface. There are a few moments in the demo that doesn't seem to translate well between user and system, but in the end it looks like a great way for us to navigate our User Interfaces in the future.

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R4 Cards Banned in the UK, Nintendo Rejoices

If you're not a fan of homebrew applications, or getting paid software for free, then an R4 card may not be something you're familiar with. Nintendo, though, is very familiar with them, as they've been a nuisance to their way of business for a few years now. Getting your hands on some pirated Nintendo DS titles is actually remarkably easy, and using an R4 card to play it on your mobile video game console used to be just as easy. But, not anymore, thanks to the high courts in the UK, who have just decided to ban them from the country.

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Ranger Walking Robot Walks 14.3 Miles to Beat Distance Record

Apparently, all those other robot designs have been wrong. It actually takes four legs to actually make it any kind of distance, or to stay up-right. This creation is called Ranger, and it just managed to break world record. While the distance is impressive in of itself, it's more about the power source inside this four-legged design. After all, it's the real shining achievement. Other than this guy's balance, that is.

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5 Gadgets That Changed My World, Part 1

In the spirit of fellow SlashGear columnist Michael Gartenberg, who recently published his own list of "5 Gadgets That Changed The World For Me," I decided to tackle my own version of this list. While Michael's list tended towards gadgets that made a huge impact the gadget world as a whole, these are five gadgets that were not so universally important, but had a significant impact on the way I was shaped as a person, and not just as a gadget fiend.

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