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Motorola MOTONAV TN765t PND gets reviewed: beauty not brains

At first glance, the Motorola MOTONAV TN765t PND should be perfect.  Huge, 5.1-inch touchscreen, voice recognition, Bluetooth, text-to-speech and lane guidance, along with a lifetime traffic subscription and the ability to access Bing searches and other online content via your cellphone.  Unfortunately, as GPS Tracklog's review reveals, it seems Motorola may have spent too much time on the slick UI and not enough getting the basics right.

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Apple invisible button patent promises secret controls

A newly published Apple patent suggests that the company is looking to rid themselves of one more of the few hardware controls they allow onto their mobile devices.  "Disappearing Button or Slider" describes a system whereby rather than a physical button - such as the home key on the iPad, iPhone or iPad touch, or the power key on a MacBook Pro - could be replaced with a capacitive touch sensor that responds to fingertips but has no visible markings.

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Microsoft’s Kin and the emergence of featurephone data tiers

As I was in the middle of writing this month's column on Microsoft's Kin, SlashGear editor Chris Davies sent me a draft of Michael Gartenberg's column on... Microsoft's Kin. I was relieved to see that there wasn’t too much overlap; Michael’s column is on the Kin’s target market, and I’m focusing on changing carrier pricing structures. I agree with Michael’s premise: there is pent up demand for a social network appliance, and the TwitterPeek ain't it. My problem with the Kin is that we haven’t been given the critical piece of information that will determine whether it will be a success: data pricing.

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Verizon Droid Incredible by HTC on sale today

Feel like shopping for a new Android smartphone today?  Verizon Wireless' eagerly anticipated Droid Incredible by HTC has finally gone on sale, but if you weren't quick then you may have missed the first batch.  According to Verizon's site, "due to high demand" new orders for the Incredible will only ship by May 4th.  However, there should also be retail stock in stores, so it may be worth calling your local Verizon retailer.

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Samsung BD-UP5000 firmware 1.5 update promises Avatar Blu-ray support

Samsung's BD-UP5000 Blu-ray player and its problems coping with the new Avatar disc showed that not all media - or firmware - are created equal, but true to their word the company have swung into action with a firmware update.  Posted to the Samsung support site this week, all that's mentioned in the firmware release notes is that v1.5 "improves playback compatibility in some movies."

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HP’s webOS tablet: why is it special?

The ink on HP's press release was hardly dry when speculation about a webOS tablet began; by the time of their investors call, it was inevitable that they'd be peppered with questions about the possibility of Palm's elegant OS on more sizeable hardware. For their part, beyond a tidbit promising they were looking at smartphones, slates and potential netbooks, HP are playing things close to their chest. Still, we've not been shy before in putting forward our opinion that webOS would make for a mighty fine tablet platform, which raises the question: exactly what needs to be done before a webOS slate could come true?

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Steve Jobs on Flash: Adobe should focus on the future, not criticize Apple

In an open letter published to Apple's site today, Steve Jobs has taken a hatchet to Adobe over Flash and their attitude toward Apple recently.  Outlining the six reasons he believes Flash is not best suited to mobile devices, Jobs describes the technology as "created during the PC era – for PCs and mice," and as falling short when it comes to "low power devices, touch interfaces and open web standards."

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TomTom app store expected in 2010

Most of us are familiar with TomTom. The company is an international firm that is huge in the GPS and PND market around the world. The company is looking to follow other companies like Google and Apple into one of the most lucrative markets for portable devices -- apps.

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