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FireFly Intel Atom mainboard debuts

We are familiar with the Intel Atom line of CPUs from the proliferation of the processors inside netbooks and nettops. The processor finds its way into the other product types as well like mobile devices. A company called InHand Electronics has announced a new Atom-based mainboard called the FireFly.

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Facade Printer: the most exciting inkjet you’ll see [Video]

If HP's inkjets were as interesting as this DIY Facade Printer, the company wouldn't have had to buy Palm just to get some press coverage.  The handiwork of German product designers and engineers Martin Fussenegger, Michael Haas and Julian Adenauer, the inkjet-with-attitude is capable of precisely firing individual colored dots from up to 20 feet away, creating huge - and surprisingly accurate - murals on whatever wall is unlucky enough to get in the way.

Video demo after the cut

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eviGroup Wallet Android MID on sale in May for €199

Since we've apparently entered the culling phase of the tablet story arc - goodbye HP slate and Microsoft Courier, we'll miss your shiny renders - it's good to know that devices are still entering production rather than being canned.  French firm eviGroup have just announced that their Wallet Android MID has entered production and should be on sale, for €199 ($264), from May.  Carrypad chased up some details from director Nicolas Ruiz, including how he sees the Wallet facing against the Archos 5 Internet Tablet and what sort of help they've had from Google.

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Bridgestone QR-LPD flexible e-paper gets video demo

Bridgestone probably aren't the first company you'd associate with e-paper, but it seems they've been thinking about more than just tires of late.  They've rolled out a new flexible e-paper screen at Display 2011 in Japan this week, called QR-LPD or Quick Response Liquid Powder Display, which judging from this machine translation uses electrically-charged black and white particles held in a liquid substrate.

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ASUS Eee PC 900AX resurrects 8.9-inch netbooks

You could be forgiven for assuming the 8.9-inch netbook segment had died; while we've seen a few convertible tablet netbooks using sub-9-inch panels, predominantly to shave off a few extra millimetres from a machine intended to be carried around, regular netbooks have gravitated to 10.1-inch 1024 x 600 panels.  So, quite a surprise to see the new ASUS Eee PC 900AX, an 8.9-inch relaunch... with a few caveats.

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BenQ DC T1260 12MP touchscreen camera with high contrast processing spotted

BenQ have outed their latest digital camera, the point-and-shoot DC T1260, and as well as offering a 12-megapixel CCD, wide-angle 4x optical zoom and the company's HDR image enhancement technology - which combines multiple frames to work around high contrast images having reduced visibility - there's also a touchscreen for easier control.  The T1260 follows hot on the heels of the DC E1260, spotted earlier this week, which has the HDR system but lacks the 3-inch touchscreen.

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