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Palm CEO: Verizon launch “below expectations”

After Palm's dreary financial expectations caused their share price to plummet earlier this week, a leaked email from company CEO Jon Rubinstein has revealed some of the ways the company is looking to boost webOS device sales (together with throw a little blame around).  In the email, Rubinstein admits that "this news is difficult to swallow" but claims to have met with Verizon Wireless who "acknowledged that their execution of our launch was below expectations and recommitted to working with us to improve sales."  Those tactics will include greater training of Verizon reps by Palm's so-called "Brand Ambassadors", together with more advertising.

Acer Calpella Slim ultraportables coming Q2 as 13, 14 & 15 inchers

Further details on Acer's tipped range of MacBook Air toasting ultraportables have emerged, again courtesy of DigiTimes' shady sources in the notebook industry.  According to the latest information, Wistron and Quanta have been roped in to produce the Intel Calpella based machines, which will be available in 13-, 14- and 15-inch sizes and are expected to launch in Q2 2010.  The key selling point will be the extreme thinness of the notebooks: less than 1-inch thick at their narrowest point.

Haleron iLet Mini HAL Android tablet coming March for $199

As Android tablets go, there are more than enough renderings out there to make you think the market is booming; problem is, most of them are little more than pretty pictures.  Haleron may be using a render to show their iLet Mini HAL, but the difference is that they also apparently have the 7-inch touchscreen device in stock and waiting to ship out from March 1st.  $199 gets you an unnamed 600MHz processor, WVGA display and Android 1.6 with a custom UI.

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Nikon DSLR teaser campaign: new camera on March 8th?

It's been a while since we've had a good digital camera teaser campaign, and so we're glad to see Nikon apparently jumping in to deliver just that.  Various French camera sites are reporting receiving glossy cards through the post, with a number on one side and some French text ("I am..." and "I am fun" so far) on the reverse; there's no mention of Nikon, but the colors match the company's color-scheme and the recipients are believed to be all Nikon users.

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ASUS Eee PC T101MT gets early review: disappointing [Video]

ASUS' Eee PC T101MT 10-inch convertible multitouch tablet is still showing up as shipping in 1-2 months over at Amazon Germany, where it was spotted hanging around waiting for preorders earlier this month, but review units already seem to be poking their noses out.  Over at AllTouchTablet they found a T101MT waiting on their doorstep, and so did the only honest thing and reviewed it.

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Pixel Qi developing new panel sizes; “several” new customers onboard

It was shortly after Pixel Qi chief Mary Lou Jepsen tipped "specialized tablets with multitouch" back in December 2009 that we got our first glimpse of the Notion Ink Adam, and so forgive us for getting excited when the CEO confirms several more panel customers and different display sizes in the pipeline.  Speaking to E-Ink-Info, Jepsen wouldn't confirm which new companies had signed up to use the hybrid display but did say that they're going into "a variety of new product categories."

Statistics reveal that Android owners are predominantly male

When it comes to the Android platform, statistics reveal that over seventy percent (73% to be exact) of users are male, whereas on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and webOS platforms, there is much less of a skew towards either side.  The findings come from analytics firm Admob’s January report, which also includes several other studies like the ages of smartphone owners, and interest in the forthcoming iPad.

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