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Jobs: iPad ebook price parity with Kindle is coming [Video]

Everyone's favorite bearded-tech-uncle Walt Mossberg caught up with Apple CEO Steve Jobs in the warm afterglow of the iPad launch earlier this week, and pestered him about ebook pricing and battery life in comparison to the Amazon Kindle.  Asked why Apple were pricing ebooks through their new iBooks app were $14.99, compared to the Kindle's $9.99, Jobs said that "that would change", pointing to publishers unhappy with Amazon.

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Google Chrome OS tablet rumors reignite

In these tablet-charged times, it doesn't take much to start a touchscreen rumor running.  Google's Senior Product Manager of Search, Anders Sandholm, found that out yesterday, when questioned about Google Chrome OS and the possibility of a touchscreen device running the web-centric platform.  Sandholm reportedly fumbled about for a tactically answer, settling on "I can't... I mean... right now we are targeting netbooks, that's what we're focused on, but I expect it to work well... we expect it to target everything up to desktop computers."

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Mitsubishi unveils massive 149-inch OLED display

I like the idea behind OLED TVs with better colors, thinner profiles, and less power needed to run the things. I am not a big fan of the massive price premium that is placed on most OLED sets right now. We have for the most part only seen smaller screen OLED displays on the market, but that is changing.

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Mobiado unveils boxy 712ZAF mobile phone

We have seen lots of handsets over the years that are aimed at the rich. This type of handset usually lacks the features that we common folk expect on phones like comfort and functionality. Handsets for the uber-rich are typically more concerned with bling and fancy metals than usability.

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Diego-san is creepiest robot ever

Robots creep me out. I blame it on my dad letting me watch Saturn 3 when I was a kid. I had nightmares about Hector for weeks after that. Researchers from the Machines Perception Laboratory have unveiled a baby robot that is called Diego-san that looks like the love child of a female terminator and Hector.

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NVIDIA Tegra 2 to go big time

The original NVIDIA Tegra SOC made it into several devices over its lifespan including popular gadgets like the Zune HD. NVIDIA has a follow-up to the Tegra that is set to hit soon that brings new capability and more performance to the SOC platform called Tegra 2 that was seen at CES.

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Microsoft says Windows Mobile 7 to land soon

I am not sure how you can count something as confirmed when the company only says soon, but reports are coming in that Windows Mobile 7 has been confirmed for a launch at MWC 2010 in early February reports Unwired View. It also appears that the minimum specs needed for the new OS that were leaked around the web may not be accurate.

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Amazon has sold “millions” of Kindles

Love or hate Apple, the one thing you can say about the company is if it has a hit product on its hands Apple is going to shout it from the rooftops as Jobs screams neener-neener-neeener on the inside while thinking about Steve Ballmer. Other companies don’t do that like Amazon with its tight lipped, never say how many Kindle's we sell attitude.

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Cheap Neonode zBook platform breaks cover

The eBook reader market is booming right now coming off the holiday season where an eReader was one of the most wanted tech gifts to be had. New devices like the Nook and some of the Sony readers were sold out leaving Amazon and its Kindle reader to enjoy huge sales.

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