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Asus set to whip out two eReaders in Q2

Asus has already pulled the cover off a cool new eReader this year called the DR-950 that was tipped for launch in the second half of 2009. The new eReader has a 1024 x 768 resolution display and supports HTML and most eBook file types. Asus is reportedly set to launch two eReaders this year including the DR-950.

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OLED tech takes board games to next level

When you say board games we all immediately think of games with cardboard and lots of little pieces like Monopoly that have been around for decades. In the future board games might not be what many of us know them as with a new OLED technology that has been developed.

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Rubik’s Cube turns 30

Any child of the 80's like me will remember the Rubik's Cube. I had one and the only way I was ever able to solve it was to pull of the stickers and put them in order. I can remember being very impressed when this Asian kid solved it in like a minute on That's Incredible.

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