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Macmillan confirm Amazon book snub; authors weigh in

The iPad-prompted Amazon/publisher fallout continues, with John Sargent - CEO of Macmillan, whose books and ebooks promptly disappeared from Amazon's store in the aftermath of the Apple tablet announcement - confirming that the online retailer modified their catalog in response to a demand to renegotiate pricing structures.  In a post on the PublishersMarket blog (and a paid advert that ran this weekend in the print magazine), Sargent explains that he put his new pricing structure - which would see ebooks sold with flexible pricing, and retailers taking a set 30-percent commission - to Amazon the day after the iPad's launch, only to find that in apparent retaliation they swiftly pulled all print and electronic copies from the store before the CEO even had time to get back to his New York office.

Amazon yank Macmillan books over iPad price protest

The launch of the Apple iPad - and the iBooks ereading app - has kicked off an ebook war between Apple and Amazon, and it's hapless readers who are caught in the middle.  According to an NYT report quoting an industry insider, Amazon have "temporarily" yanked Macmillan books - both physical and electronic - from their US store after the publisher demanded the retailer raise prices from $9.99 to $15, the same price Apple announced it would sell ebooks for.

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Hivision PWS700A $100 Android netbook gets video review

Android was tipped as the open-source OS that could finally deliver true budget netbook-style devices - we're talking around the $100 mark, not the $200-plus - and Hivision had just the thing at CES 2010 earlier this month.  Over at ARM Devices, Charbax has been reviewing the Hivision PWS700CA, a 7-inch netbook based on a 600MHz ARM926 processor that could feasibly come in under $100 to consumers.

Video review after the cut

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HTC Trophy gets clearly pictured: QWERTY/touchscreen WinMo candybar [Update: It’s a fan render]

HTC's 2010 smartphone roadmap may have skewed heavily toward Android, but that wasn't to say the company were planning to abandon Windows Mobile altogether.  The first clear render of the HTC Trophy - a Windows Mobile 6.5 candybar with a 3-inch VGA capacitive touchscreen and a full QWERTY keyboard - has leaked, and despite the OS it looks to have potential.

Update: Too good to be true; this isn't HTC's work but that of ElCondor from xda-developers; somewhere along the line his watermark has been edited out.  He's done a great job, too: compare it to the fuzzy image in the leaked roadmap.  If the Trophy looks this good in real life, we'll take one! [Thanks Sohaib!]

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Lenovo ThinkPad X100e Review

Lenovo's ThinkPad range has a new baby brother, and while the company is now several generations through its IdeaPad netbooks, the ThinkPad X100e is the first CULV-style machine intended for mobile pros. It's an ambitious undertaking, certainly: can the company deliver the traditional build-quality, reliability and performance expected from a ThinkPad, along with the low price expected for an 11.6-inch ultraportable? Check out the full SlashGear review after the cut.

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Nexus One Dock Reviewed

Google's Desktop Dock for the Nexus One went on sale earlier in the week, and one of the first units has arrived over at Android Community. While at $45 it's not a cheap accessory, it does have the added bonus of offering a straightforward way to output music from your phone through to external speakers.

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Nav4All shuttered as NAVTEQ withhold licence; Nokia blamed

Nokia's decision to push Ovi Maps into the limelight looks like it could have had a nasty knock-on effect, at least if you're a Nav4All user.  The multi-platform navigation company has announced that it is being forced to go offline by the end of the month, after mapping data provider NAVTEQ declined to extend their licence agreement.  While no reason was given for the decision, Nav4All do discretely point out Nokia's 100-percent ownership of NAVTEQ.

Apple iPad eyeing enterprise: network files and printing tipped

Considering its seemingly consumer focus, the amount of time Apple spent discussing the newly fettled iWork suite for the iPad tablet seemed a little incongruous.  According to Apple Insider's sources, however, that's all part of a plan to drive business sales of the tablet; they reckon Apple are preparing to add in direct network printing from iPad apps, as well the ability to access shared files from a local file server.

DIY Dell Mini 9 netbook keyboard light

One of the frustrating things about netbooks is that, because they're cheap, you usually miss out on premium features like backlit keyboards.  Of course, because they're cheap owners often feel happier with the idea of opening up and generally hacking them, and that's just what My Dell Mini forum member vrg3 did to his netbook.  Wanting to still be able to type while in the dark, he drilled a hole for a white LED up by the A90's webcam, which is toggled on and off via the Ctrl key.

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Nokia to Apple: We’re “biggest mobile company by far”

One of Steve Jobs' more controversial claims during the iPad keynote referred to Apple's position in the mobile device rankings.  Apple are, Jobs reckoned, "the largest mobile devices company in the world", just as long as you take into account every mobile device they produce: not just iPhones, but MacBooks too.  That made them bigger than Nokia, and unsurprisingly the Finnish company aren't especially happy about that.

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