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T-Mobile leak confirms “Google Android Phone” in early January

Leaky T-Mobile is spilling Google Nexus One details this morning, with both BGR and TmoNews receiving internal screenshots from the carrier.  Both show the same page from T-Mobile's StreamLine employee systems, which suggest that "Google, with support from T-Mobile, is scheduled to launch a new Android device in early January".  It goes on to confirm that Google will be distributing the Nexus One solely via the web, splitting hardware and tariff support between them and the carrier.

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Google Nexus One Bluetooth car dock gets FCC tested

Yesterday the Bluetooth desktop dock, today the Bluetooth car dock; FCC filings for Google Nexus One accessories are cropping up with increasing regularity.  Described in the document as for the "Google Phone" - rather than the Nexus One, as the handset has always been referred to previously - the car dock looks, from the hastily slapped together diagram you can see after the cut, like a pretty straightforward in-car cradle.

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Camangi Webstation first-impressions: sluggish CPU and poor app selection [Updated]

Having seen the first unboxing video of the Camangi Webstation yesterday, initial impressions are beginning to filter through.  Unfortunately, they're not all positive; Laptop spent some time with the 7-inch Android slate and while build quality and design are just as good as we'd heard, actually performance is less impressive.  They describe the Webstation as "sluggish", with the 624MHz Marvell processor "taking a few seconds longer to load apps and web pages or respond to button presses than we like."

Updated: A second review is in, and it's a whole lot more critical.  Check out why one Camangi Webstation pre-order customer is already looking at how he can return his device after the cut.

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Nokia claim Apple infringe patents in all phones, PMPs & computers

The ongoing legal battle between Nokia and Apple has gained another layer of complexity today, as Nokia demand a United States International Trade Commission (ITC) investigation based on accusations of "Apple's practice of building its business on Nokia's proprietary innovation."  Distinct from the litigation in Delaware, which concerns Nokia's wireless standard patents, this new investigation would concern UI, camera, antenna and power management technologies.

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LG set to debut portable TV devices for US standard

In Korea and other parts of the world portable TV standards have been around for a long time so the ability to watch TV from cell phones and other portable devices is old hat in many locations. Here in America we have had no mobile TV standard and have been left having to use TV tuners that work with traditional TV standards.

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