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BlackBerry Pearl 9100 (aka Striker) appears on eBay?

When we pondered out loud last Friday on when we might see the leaked BlackBerry Pearl 9100 (aka Striker) arrive on shelves, little did we know it would be quite so soon.  Of course, this isn't an official release from RIM, and stocks are severely limited: someone has supposedly gotten hold of an unlocked, unused Pearl 9100 and has put it up on eBay.  What's strange is that the seller doesn't appear to have any photos of the handset itself.

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K.R.T. X9 joins list of multitouch tablets we can’t buy

Somebody needs to rent a boat, sail to China and pick up a hold-full of unknown touchscreen tablets; it's getting more than a little frustrating seeing what's on offer over there, and having so little choice in the US and Europe.  Latest to tickle our collective fancy is the K.R.T. X9 from Shenzhen K.R.T. Technology, a 10-inch multitouch slate running Windows 7 on an Intel Atom N270 processor.  The X9 packs WCDMA, TD-SCDMA and CDMA2000 3G, pretty much covering all the bases, together with WiFi a/b/g.

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HTC HD2 to get capacitive stylus and extended battery

HTC's range of accessories for the HD2 pales against the array of options from which you can outfit your iPhone 3GS, but the company do have at least a few interesting things in the works.  We've already heard about the HD2 car-kit, which automatically kicks the Windows Phone into a finger-friendly navigation mode, but now they've apparently confirmed a special stylus for use with the capacitive touchscreen is coming, together with an extended battery.

HTC HD2 arrives on T-Mobile UK from free

T-Mobile UK are the latest carrier to offer the HTC HD2, with the Snapdragon-based Windows Phone priced from free with a £35 ($58) per month, two-year agreement.  It makes T-Mobile the third carrier to offer the device in the UK, following launches by Vodafone and O2.  As usual, buyers get a 4.3-inch WVGA capacitive touchscreen with multitouch support, a 5-megapixel autofocus camera with LED flash, and Windows Mobile 6.5.

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Opto-electronic contact lenses promise wireless displays

The opportunity to jab yourself in the eye with a tiny computer display is one step closer, thanks to the ongoing work with opto-electronic contact lenses taking place at the University of Washington in Seattle.  The lab there has been showing off the latest prototype, the handiwork of Dr. Babak Parviz: a semi-transparent array - including an LED - embedded into a contact lens that receives 330 microwatts of power wirelessly from a nearby RF transmitter.  Parviz has been using the prototypes to display biosensor feedback about the wearer's vital signs, but they'll eventually serve as a heads-up display for displaying other data.

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King Jim Pomera DM20 is bizarre folding digital note-taker

King Jim's single-purpose Pomera "digital memo" DM10 electronic notebook may have been bizarre enough to warrant some gentle ribbing last year, but sales in Japan must've been good enough for the company to green-light a successor.  The Pomera DM20 keeps the same clamshell keyboard design and monochrome display, together with the singularity of purpose that baffled us last time around: all it's meant to be used for is recording text notes.

Video demo after the cut

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Camangi WebStation seemingly imminent; new Android app market launched

Blimey, could Camangi actually be serious about selling their WebStation Android tablet?  We've scoffed a little at the hitherto-unknown company's intentions of having the 7-inch WiFi tablet on the market by December 2009, but a new site and a freshly launched Camangi Market (for apps friendly to the slate's hardware and screen resolution) seem to suggest that the joke's on us.  For once, we're happy to be in the wrong as if the pricing is right, the WebStation could prove highly appealing.

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Pixel Qi developing sub-10W $100 HDTV

Pixel Qi have announced that not only are they beginning mass production of their innovative display technology this coming December, but that they've a new product category in their sights.  The company has apparently begun to design a new HDTV with power consumption so low that it can be run from a solar panel, hand-crank or simply a small rechargeable battery.  Pixel Qi's target price for the ultra-frugal set is just $100.

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The New York Times offers discount on Samsung Go to Times Reader 2.0 subscribers

Print publications are having a hard time getting people to subscribe and pay to read their news. Even long time established publications like the New York Times are finding it harder and harder to woo subscribers and are seeing their profits drop significantly. In an effort to save money, some print publications have gone entirely online and others are beefing up their online offerings. The New York Times is offering a deal for users to subscribe to its digital version.

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