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DoD orders 2,200 PS3 consoles

It used to be when it came time to upgrade a supercomputer we were talking about adding more nodes, processors, and other hardware. At least in one of the supercomputers used by the DoD when it comes time to upgrade it means buying more Sony PS3 game consoles.

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Zune HD getting colorful update December 1st

Up until now the colorful part of the Zune HD has been its striking OLED display; if you wanted any color in your Microsoft PMP then you'd have to resort to a third-party skin or case.  That's set to change tomorrow, however, according to the official Zune store, which has tipped three new colors - Magenta, Red and Purple - as arriving on December 1st.

Developer spots usage record for iPhone 3,1 in iBART app

Apple fans and developers keep their ear close to the ground to find the new tidbits on coming Apple products from all sorts of sources. Often those sources include usage logs and deeply buried profiles in updates and software from Apple. Developer Pandav has discovered a usage record for an iPhone model that has not been announced.

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Nokia cuts R&D workers

Nokia has been under increasing pressure from competitors like Apple and others in the mobile phone market. Nokia is seeing its global share of the high-end smartphone and feature phone markets slip as competition increases.

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Kindle breaks sales record during November

Among some of the most important things that the world may never know are exactly how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie pop and exactly how many Kindles Amazon is selling. Amazon won’t offer a firm number of units sold but has announced that the Kindle has broken its sales record.

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Apple iTunes terms & conditions come in for critique

Apple are the latest recipient of a scolding from the UK's Office of Fair Trading (OFT), after the organisation pulled the Cupertino company up on its iTunes terms & conditions.  The OFT seemingly took issue with just how "clear and accurate" Apple's language is, both regarding consumer rights over iTunes purchases and software downloads from the company's site.

Archos 5 MID mod adds Android Market, Gmail, Maps, more

Despite the recent firmware update, the Archos 5 Internet Tablet is still left without access to the Android Market, and despite Archos' attempts to encourage development of device-specific apps for their own AppLib download store, the range of titles is still small.  Happily wherever there's a problem, there's usually a hack to address it, and so jkkmobile has outlined a guide to installing the Android Market - and some other things - onto the Archos 5 MID.

MID development slashed as manufacturer interest wanes?

Many have accused Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) as being gadgets in dire search of a purpose, and despite Intel's push for the segment the talk out of Taipei is that the ultraportable touchscreen handhelds are having a difficult time finding traction among manufacturers.  DigiTimes is reporting that several companies originally signed up to Intel's Mobile Internet Device Innovation Alliance (MIDIA) have axed MID development, while those manufacturers who have actually shipped devices have only done so in numbers described as "very weak".

Phenom Dream watch-phone: dual-SIM but no 3G

We're not going to let Phenom Communications get away with calling their Dream watch-phone "elegant", but we'll concede that it's pretty advanced for its ilk.  The $395 wrist-worn handset has a 1.3-inch color touchscreen and separate numeric keypad, but Phenom have managed to squeeze two SIM slots inside.  Unfortunately, it seems that decision meant there was no room for a 3G radio, so you're stuck with quadband GSM/GPRS.

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