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Microsoft and Yahoo! sign 10-year search and advertising deal

Confirming what we reported earlier on today, Microsoft and Yahoo! have officially announced a 10 year partnership to collaborate on search technology as well as search advertising.  The deal will see Microsoft gain access to Yahoo!'s "core search technologies" to integrate them into their Bing search engine, which moving forward will be the "exclusive algorithmic search and paid search platform for Yahoo! sites". 


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eiPOTT: take your eggy iPod for breakfast

There's nothing like a nice yolky boiled egg for breakfast and waking up to some of your favorite tunes, and in that spirit comes the eiPOTT.  Named from the German for "egg" and "pot", which conveniently sound quite a lot like Apple's infamous PMP when you say them out loud, the eiPOTT has a neat dimple for your egg and, with some creative crust-cutting and trimming, room for a few soldiers in the screen section.

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Eye-Fi Geo WiFi SD card exclusive for Apple users

Eye-Fi have announced a new model in their wireless SD card range, the Eye-Fi Geo, and it's aimed squarely at Apple users.  Designed to integrate with iPhone '09 and '08, together with the iPhone and MobileMe, the Eye-Fi Geo offers lifetime geotagging and full compatibility with iLife's geo-aware "Places" feature.

The 2GB card can also be used with MobileMe and other online galleries and social networking sites for $9.99 per year.   The company already offers a free iPhone application which allows for direct uploads from the iPhone together with geotagging.

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HP 11.6-inch CULV ultrathin and 10.1-inch netbook refresh promised in 2H09

Earlier this week word slipped out from Acer and ASUS that N-series netbooks were on hold until the launch of Pine Trail in early 2010, with the two companies focusing on CULV "ultrathins" instead.  Now it seems that they'll have significant competition from HP, who are believed to have commissioned a new 11.6-inch machine that will go into production next month, with production of a 10.1-inch netbook revision beginning in September.

Palm Pre gets two new apps, hopefully sign of software surge

Along with the launch of the Mojo SDK for webOS also came a promise from Palm of a new wave of software hitting the Pre's App Catalog.  Today there's news of two new titles available to download, and while that may not quite amount to a "wave" as yet - a trickle, perhaps? - it's hopefully a sign of good things to come.

The titles themselves are OpenTable and Fliq Bookmarks.  OpenTable offers not only restaurant bookings from the touchscreen of your Pre, but reviews, reservation management, GPS searches to call up places to eat nearby and integration with the handset's calendar to automatically note down your eating arrangements.

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Sony VAIO W reviewed: HD screen too much for Intel graphics

Sony have already confirmed that they attempted to differentiate their VAIO W netbook from rivals by giving it a relatively high-resolution 1,366 x 768 10.1-inch display, but in doing so did they undermine the Atom N270-based budget ultraportable's overall performance?  That's one possibility raised by Computer Shopper in their review of the Sony VAIO W, describing the graphics showing as "lackluster".

Foxconn suicide compensation increased with yearly stipend

News earlier this week that Foxconn had reportedly given around $44,000 compensation plus an Apple laptop to the family and girlfriend of Sun Danyong, the engineer who committed suicide after losing an iPhone prototype, was met with disappointment at what was seen to be an unfairly low amount.  Now an anonymous company official has revealed that Sun's parents will be paid not only a 360,000 yuan lump sum ($52,600) but a further 30,000 yuan ($4,385) every year until they die.

Viliv X70 UMPC delayed by components shortages

Preorders for Viliv MIDs and UMPCs just don't seem to be blessed with the best of luck.  After the Viliv S5 launch brought down importer Dynamism's servers and left many struggling to complete their orders, the launch of the Viliv X70 has been struck by components shortages at the factory.  In an email to those who preordered the 7-inch touchscreen device, Dynamism suggests that "MIDs have been especially popular this year" which surprised components suppliers.

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