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HTC Hero gets official

SlashGear is waiting for the HTC London press event to begin, but we already know the headline product: the HTC Hero.  The company's third Android phone, the Hero features HTC's new "Sense" UI, together with a 3.2-inch HVGA screen with fingerprint-resistive coating, Teflon back panel for improved durability, and full 3G connectivity.

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mintpass mintpad MID gets unboxed

After mintpass made a few pre-release mintpad MID units available to touchscreen-loving early adopters last week, the first English-language unboxing and hands-on for the 2.86-inch device is here.  We're entirely unsurprised to see that Jenn from Pocketables is first; she's already impressed with the build-quality of the WiFi-enabled mintpad, together with the range of accessories they include.

SlashGear joins HTC London today: new HTC Hero to debut?

The clock is counting down to HTC's London press event, with a little over three hours to go until we get to see exactly what the smartphone manufacturer has in store.  We're fully expecting to see a new Android handset, most likely the HTC Hero, which we're hearing that the company has been quietly showing off to select groups of journalists and analysts.  SlashGear will be at the event this morning, bringing you all the details.

HP Mini 5101 netbook gets slick, business-ready design

HP have announced a new netbook, the Mini 5101, and like their original entrant to the market they've gone with business-friendly materials targeted at "on-the-go professionals".  The HP Mini 5101's 10.1-inch display is clad in anodized aluminum, while the lower case is made from magnesium alloy.  Inside, there's the usual Intel Atom processor, in this case the 1.66GHz N280, paired with up to 2GB of RAM and up to a 320GB HDD or an 80GB SSD.

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Buffalo, D-Link, LaCie & Seagate sign up to offer Marvell Plug Computers

Marvell's SheevaPlug wall-wart Linux PC has finally come of age, with the company announcing mainstream retail partners including Buffalo, D-Link, LaCie and Seagate, together with beginning distribution of the Plug Computer development kit in Europe.  The original SheevaPlug has a Marvell Kirkwood processor with a 1.2GHz Sheeva processor, 512MB of RAM and 512MB of flash storage; resembling a wall-wart, it plugs directly into a power socket and offers a single USB 2.0 port and a gigabit ethernet port.  Suggested uses included a home server, NAS or other form of network-connected device.


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Microsoft unveils Xbox 360 wireless microphone

Microsoft revealed a brand new wireless microphone today meant for use with the Xbox 360. Designed to be used with music games like Rock Band, Guitar Hero and Lips, this mic sports specific features that make gameplay just a tad easier.

You won't need any wires or adapters, since this mic takes full advantage of the wireless console and it even has motion sensors built in for add functionality. Additionally, there's lights on the base.

Available in black, this Xbox 360 wireless microphone will be available for purchase sometime in the fall. At that time, you can expect a price tag around $50.