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Google Chrome v2 released: faster, more stable, new features

Google have released the latest version of their Chrome browser, v2, including stable builds of the new features added in March's beta.  Among the most obvious changes are a full-screen mode - triggered by hitting F11 - and a form autofill tool, which remembers common details such as name, address and phone number and automatically populates those fields in online shopping sites and registration forms.

Video overview of Google Chrome v2 after the cut

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Remote-controlled GPS cyanide implant patent rejected

The German patent office have rejected an application for a "killer chip" for political undesirables.  The chip, which the Saudi inventor suggested would be useful for tracking terrorists, criminals, fugitives, illegal immigrants, political dissidents, domestic servants and foreigners overstaying their visas, consisted of not only a GPS transceiver but an optional capsule of cyanide that could be remotely administered.

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Jake Dyson Motorlight Wall

If your father is Sir James Dyson, inventor of - among other things - the Dyson vacuum cleaner, you can either find a completely unrelated industry to work in or bite the bullet and try to innovate your way out his shadow.  Jake Dyson chose the latter route, and came up with this: the Motorlight Wall.  A remote-controlled lamp with adjustable iris, the Motorlight Wall can uniquely offer various spreads of light between 10 and 120 degrees. 

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Sony VAIO UX390 UMPC gets OS X 10.5.7 [Video]

Hackintosh netbooks are nothing new, these days, and so the more extreme OS X tweakers move on to more esoteric hardware.  We've already seen Sony's VAIO UX-series UMPC running Apple's OS, but Micro PC Talk user perrin21 has a particularly slick setup: a subtly modified Sony VAIO UX 390 running OS X 10.5.7 as though it just stepped off a Cupertino production line.

Video demo after the cut

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Best Buy stores getting four Palm Pre on June 6th, RadioShack two?

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse was accused by many of attempting to stoke demand when he warned that stock of the Palm Pre on launch day might be limited, but news coming out of Best Buy and RadioShack suggests there could be many disappointed people on June 6th.  According to an insider at Best Buy, the approximately 1,000 stores taking part in the Pre launch will have roughly 4,250 handsets to share between them, averaging out at just four units per location.

Meanwhile, a separate RadioShack tipster has confirmed that 721 of the company's stores will be selling the Pre on June 6th, "limited to high coastal areas like New York, New Jersey, California, Miami, Texas, etc."  While specific stock figures are unknown, he estimated just two Pre devices per RadioShack.

After the cut: Best Buy Palm Pre waiting list opening this weekend?

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BlackBerry Storm 2 gets hands-on

RIM's BlackBerry Storm 2 may not have been confirmed by the company themselves yet, but that hasn't stopped the handset showing up in the wild more than once.  Now Engadget have had an opportunity to spend more than a few flighty seconds with the touchscreen follow-up; turns out, RIM have listened to criticism and dumped SurePress, replacing it with a more standard capacitive touchscreen.

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