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Viliv S5 pre-order swamps servers; second chance promised

Viliv's S5 is causing more trouble, this time for importers Dynamism.  After selling out in Korea and Hong Kong in record time, the coveted MID has now left many would-be pre-order customers in the US with a sour taste: demand for the 4.8-inch touchscreen device brought Dynamism's servers to their knees, leading to slow- or non-loading pages and a general inability to snatch up one of the limited numbers of S5s on Monday.


Apple WWDC09 sold out

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference for 2009, due to kick off on June 8th, has sold out.  The event, officially announced last month, is an opportunity for iPhone and Mac OS X developers to code alongside Apple's own IT team, as well as attend numerous sessions in which Apple engineers explain the intricacies of their platform.

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AAXA P1 LCoS-based pico projector review

Having used four generations of home entertainment projector over the last decade, I was skeptical of small-form factor pico projectors when they first surfaced. A pocket-size projector with dimensions similar to a remote control or a cellphone, running super-cool and battery-operated for up to an hour of continuous use. That’s all tempting stuff, but can they deliver? Last month, we reviewed the UK-based BeamBox Evolution R1 Pico-projector; today, we have a close cousin with the same LCoS microdisplay but in different outfit: the AAXA P1 pico projector. (video after the cut)

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