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OLED large-panel lighting prototypes this year, claims Fraunhofer IPMS

The Fraunhofer IPMS, responsible for OLED development since 2000 and the team behind the Center for Organic Materials and Electronics Devices Dresden (COMEDD), are planning to demonstrate the first roll-to-roll OLED lighting panels this year, as well as developing pico-projectors using OLED panels and touch-controllers using the technology.  Speaking in an interview with OLED-Info, institute director Dr Karl Leo described the group's intent to not only push OLED design but production methods as well.

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Motorola not abandoning Windows Mobile, still working on OS

After laying off 77 engineers and ending Windows Mobile development at their Plantation facility, speculation abounded that Motorola was planning a wholesale switch from the Microsoft smartphone platform to Google's open-source Android OS.  However the company is insisting that such a move is not on the cards, with Motorola spokesperson Maya Komadina claiming that development of the platform continues at the company's other facilities.

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Mouse Computer LB-F1500W netbook with DVD burner

Japanese firm Mouse Computer are looking to stand out from the crowd with their new netbook, which is why the LB-F1500W has an integrated DVD burner.  A rare sight on these budget ultraportables, the optical drive - which makes the LB-F1500W a much more tempting prospect for travellers looking to not only work but watch the odd movie - accompanies a 6-cell battery which Mouse Computer suggest is good for up to 5.2hrs runtime.

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Digital TV switchover delayed until June 12th

Lovers of analog TV rest easy: the US senate has approved a bill that will delay the DTV switchover to June 12th, four months after its original February 17th deadline.  Citing concerns that viewers are not "technically reader" for the change from analog to digital broadcasts, the delay will also give the government time to reissue DTV coupons which subsidize the converter boxes by $40.  Apparently 2.5m people are on the waiting list for coupons, which ran out earlier this month.

Leica M8.2 Safari Edition camera

Leica have unveiled a limited edition version of their esteemed M8 digital camera, the M8.2 Safari Edition, complete with camoflage paint-job, matching canvas and leather satchel with calfskin strap, and the knowledge that only 500 have been made.  If you actually want to take photos (presumably of wild animals) then you'll want to know that it has a 10.3-megapixel, low-noise sensor, and is compatible with all of the company's M-range lenses.

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Apple Multitouch patent finally awarded: IP battle not over yet

Apple exec Tim Cook's recent posturing over touchscreen and multitouch patents during the company's financial conference call surprised many by how unexpected and direct it was.  Now, it looks like we might know why the COO was quite so forthright: what Cook knew - and at that point most of us didn't - was that Apple had finally been granted their infamous "Touch screen device, method, and graphical user interface for determining commands by applying heuristics" patent, number 7,479,949, which had been languishing in review at the patent office for more than two years.

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MSI gaming notebook GT 627 packs NVIDIA 9800M GS video

MSI has officially announced a new member of its MSI Gaming Notebook series, a stylish anodized brushed aluminum GT627, featuring company's proprietary Turbo Drive Overclock Engine and first within its lineup to pack the 1GB GPU memory NVIDIA GeForce 9800M GS video card; it's complete with a 15.4-inch widescreen display with 1680x1050 resolution, Intel Core 2 Duo Penryn Processor with Intel PM45 Express Chipset, 4GB of DDR2 800 RAM and 320GB of SATA storage spins at 7,200rpm.

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Maxell Japan recalls DVD-R media, labeling ink were to blame

I quitted achieving data in DVD optical recording media ages ago, but my Aunt Sally in Osaka still can’t get enough of the lowest cost per gigabyte’s optical storage. She wouldn’t be please though, to hear that stacks of al-cheapo Maxell DVD-R of hers are being recalled due to manufacturing error.

Hitachi has initiated a recall on its Maxell- DVR optical disk lineup due to labeling ink issues that could contaminate disk surface to dirt.

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Walmart Offers Super Bowl/HDTV deals

Surprise! More HDTV deals in the week of Super Bowl. If the Sony’s HDTV and Blu-ray bundle deal is too steep for your wallet; Walmart has announced its Super Bowl/HDTV deals with much affordable units, plus a $100 gift certificate to stock up the rest of the party staples.

Walmart deals include a reduce price 32-inch Samsung LCD HDTV at $498 and a 46-inch Sony LCD at $1,298, and both unit come with an additional $100 store gift card. It's said to have discounted at the same level of Black-Friday deals, and not counting the extra $100. I don’t know if you can apply the gift discount on the purchased set, but the extra $100 should be plenty to stock up beers and chips for the big game.

According to the report, the promotion went into effect yesterday; presuming in store only, as there aren’t any online promotes to be founded, and we do not have technical details on the discounted sets.

Sony firmed up Blu-ray release of Winged Migration

Before Planet Earth, that was Winged Migration, a French produced avian migratory documentary shot over the course of three-year over seven continents with similar camera works and artistic presentation. It’s another must-have piece of the natural world for naturalist, birders or wildlife photographers. The film in HD format has only been previously aired on HDnet and its HD disc release was stuck in the “coming soon mode” for like, forever, ever since Sony announced its availability to be featured in Blu-ray disc format. Today, Sony says it’s back again; they will definitely release the Winged Migration in Blu-ray, on April 7th. “finger crossed”.

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