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Klipsch intros three affordable HD Theater surround speakers

Klipsch Audio has announced three affordable 5.1 surround-sound speaker systems, designed primarily for high-end PC multimedia system to entry-level Home Theater entertainment. Unlike their much-advanced Home theater lineup, the new members are reasonably priced but still offering high performance feature such as its heritage horn technology with a MicroTractrix 0.75-inch aluminum dome tweeter; units are compact in size but big in sound with complement subwoofer and powerful digital hybrid/ digital class D amplifier.

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Casio enabled EXILIM’s Dynamic Photo function video service in Japan

Casio has previously launched a promote web site to detail its Dynamic Photo function that enabling photo doctoring on-the-fly, a simple function that can extract moving subject, for up to 20 consecutive images, then superimpose into a background of your choice. A free online web service that offers video conversion for a variety of movie data is now available at its Japanese site.

The new feature looks fairly simple to operate - Select the “Dynamic Shoot” function to capture images with subject against a background, and another with the background without the subject. The camera will automatically extract subject from the background, create a cut out moving subject to be placed into a variety of backgrounds during playback. The placement of the subject can be easily adjusted to match the scene of the background. Also, you can select one or up to twenty moving frames for each task. An online data conversion service, available at no extra cost, will further optimize the resulting motion image for the uses of digital media devices or formats such as photo frame, e-greeting, auction or mobile phone.

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Photoshop Mac Trojan identified in pirate downloads

A second version of the trojan infecting pirated copies of iWork '09 has been identified, this time distributed with torrents of Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Mac.  OSX.Trojan.iServices.B installs with root privileges and then opens a back-door to the trojan author, leaving the Mac potentially open to remote takeover.  The malware was identified by security firm Intego, who believe around 5,000 people have already downloaded the pirated CS4.

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Sprint laying off 8,000 by end of March

Sprint have become the latest company to announce job losses, with the news that the carrier is making 8,000 employees redundant in an attempt to reduce labor costs by around $1.2bn.  No specific details regarding the job losses have been revealed, though Sprint say they will "impact all levels of the company" together with varying across geographic locations.  In addition, pay increases and 401(k) contributions will also be affected.

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Motorola fire 77 Windows Mobile devs; wholesale shift to Android coming?

Motorola has announced plans to cease Windows Mobile development at its Plantation facility, laying off 77 employees in the process and further fuelling rumors that the beleaguered handset manufacturer is considering a wholesale smartphone switch to Google's open-source Android platform.  The news follows Motorola's decision to axe 4,000 staff across the US, in the face of what are expected to be very poor Q4 2008 financial results.

Nokia kill off N810 WiMAX Edition Internet Tablet

Nokia have axed their N810 WiMAX Edition Internet Tablet, and while the Finnish company did not state their reasons for its demise, a fair guess would be that it's due to the slower-than-expected spread of the WiMAX network itself.  However, according to company spokesperson Laurie Armstrong, Nokia is not writing off WiMAX altogether.

Acer Aspire One landing Feb; March with integrated 3G & Atom N280

Details of the upcoming 10-inch Acer Aspire One D150 have emerged, as the three different versions of the netbook to be available in France are detailed.  The range, which starts at around €329 ($425), will go on sale in February with the entry-level D150-0B, with a 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270 CPU, 1GB of memory, 160GB hard-drive and 3-cell battery.  That will be followed in March by two further versions, the D150-1B and D150-2BG, with the latter having such features as an improved Atom processor and integrated mobile broadband.

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Philips axing 6,000 jobs in face of $1.9bn Q4 2008 loss

Philips is the latest big-name electronics firm to announce their Q4 financial performance, and anyone hoping for an industry turnaround will still be disappointed.  Overall sales for Q4 2008 were down 9-percent over the same quarter 2007, with Philips' consumer lifestyle division - i.e. those responsible for HDTVs and other mainstream electronics - seeing 24-percent lower sales.  That led to an overall net loss of €1.47bn ($1.9bn) for the quarter compared to Q4 2007. 

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T-Mobile G1 multitouch mod released: Video demo

Coder and Android-enthusiast Luke Hutchison has developed a multitouch implementation for the T-Mobile G1, that takes advantage of the smartphone's hardware multitouch support.  Hutchison's hack introduces new kernel-level support for more than single-finger input, together with new versions of the G1's browser, map viewer and photo viewer that take advantage of the multitouch gestures.  That primarily means pinch & spread zooming.

Check out the demo video after the cut

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