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HP planning to ‘re-landscape high performance computing’ at CES 2009

Given that for the last couple of months our inbox has been full of companies screaming at us that they're bringing "the next big thing" to CES in January, maybe I should be more cautious about Rahul Sood's hints for what HP are planning to unveil.  Then again, as Chief Technology Officer for the HP Global Voodoo Business Unit, Sood certainly sits at the helm of some of the more interesting hardware the company puts out.  So when he says to expect something with "the potential of re-landscaping the high performance computing space", our collective ears prick up.

LG preps sunlight-illuminated notebook LCD for CES 2009

LG has announced a prototype of a LCD panel that is illuminated by sunlight instead of the backlight unit when used in outdoors. Built for the use of notebook, the 14.1-inch sunlight-illuminated LCD can reduce power consumption by 75% with the new reflective mode; with a flip of switch, the multi-functional screen can toggle to the much-conventional transmissive mode as well, offers backlight support like the most of the laptops and cellphones for indoor-use.

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HTC S740 WM6.1 Smartphone Review

After the runaway success of the Touch HD, HTC offered us another smartphone to try out.  If the HD was all about superlative media, the HTC S740 takes us back to smartphone basics: no touchscreen, Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard, and a hardware QWERTY keyboard.  A step backwards or one in the right direction?  SlashGear set to finding out.

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How to remove Stuck Pixels on your Digital SLR

I was totally psyched out finally got the call on the 5D mark II; retiring my Mark II N, slammed the new toy on my 500mm birding outfit and birding I went despite the wind chill below 20 degree. The pair-up is definitely now a much manageable beast without the use of support. Handholding 500mm for Bird In Flight (BIF) doesn’t gets this easy with a paper-weight prosumer body. Physically much manageable, but technically I still prefer the 1D series AF. Anyhow, my unit (serial number starts with 320xxx) shows none of the heated black-dots issues, however, does exhibits a RED-HOT pixel (no pun intended) located at (2569, 2799) X-Y resolution map.

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Windows XP licencing extended to May 30th

Windows XP has been granted another stay of execution, as Microsoft once again extend the licencing terms of their old OS.  Originally due to be axed on January 31st 2009, the company has now agreed to deliver licences up until May 30th; however orders for the OS still need to be placed by the January deadline.  The move is being seen as a response to OEMs stockpiling XP licences to offer either as downgrades from Vista or for installation on netbooks.

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Motorola abandon Symbian for 2009 Android holiday line-up?

Motorola, if the rumors are to be believed, are preparing to dump their own in-house development of Symbian and transition directly to Google's open-source Android platform.  Spanish language news site is reporting that the company's Spanish director of mobile devices, Oscar Rodriguez, has told press that Motorola will cease almost all production in 2009 so as to prepare a full new range of Android-based handsets it time for the holiday sales season.

Infinite Response VAX77 foldable 76-key controller keyboard

As anyone who has attempted to carry a keyboard - and we're talking musical, not QWERTY - any distance, you'll know it's generally not the most accommodating of shapes.  Infinite Response are attempting to address that, with the VAX77 controller; 76-keys, a powder-coated magnesium casing and plenty of presets for all manner of hardware and software synths, its party trick is a hinge down the middle that lets it collapse to a far more manageable 23.3 x 14.5-inches.

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Street Fighter IV rollout gets more substance, collector edition revealed

The long-awaited Street Fighter IV rollout will get more highlights than anticipated. Set to release this February, Capcom packs the legendary fighting duel Street Fighter IV with more than just a few extra artworks; the three-discs box set not only get you the game, but also a SF-CD soundtrack, a SF-featured anime in HD film, and extra goodies such as downloadable content and anime figurine.

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Octopuses love HDTV but lack personality, claims Australian researcher

Since 18-percent of HDTV owners are apparently unable to tell the difference between high and standard definition content, it looks like octopuses have human-kind beat.  An Australian researcher, the curiously named Renata Pronk, enlisted the help of 32 octopuses to examine why they have so little response to recorded video.  She discovered that the octopuses' advanced eyes see standard 25fps PAL video as a series of still images, rather than a moving picture.  So instead she wrapped her HDTV with saran wrap and dropped that in the tank.

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