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Raon Digital Everun Note D24S & S16S video demo

After Raon Digital announced their two new SSD-based Everun Note models, the S16S and D24S, we've been waiting to see how the switch to solid-state storage affects their performance.  Given that the original Everun Note was known as something of a pocket power-house, only held back by its traditional 60GB hard-drive, the stakes are certainly high.  UMPCPortal's Steve has just received the Everun Note S16S and D24S, and tested them out in a huge 2hr marathon.

Check out the video demo after the cut

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Guitar Hero: World Tour drum synchronization issue?

The first Guitar Hero: World Tour feedback is coming in, after the game was officially released yesterday, and it's a mixed bag.  Some gamers are reporting poor drum synchronization when playing in band mode, with problems calibrating the drum response to the rest of the instruments.  There are also some sporadic claims of poor quality control, with some of the drum pads failing to recognize hits.

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Windows 7 pre-beta features leaked

We've been hearing about Windows 7 for quite some time now and as information leaks out, we're getting a better idea about what this new operating system will contain. Specifically, it's very Vista-esque. However, today we've learned the pre-beta release, which is set to be distributed to developers at PDC, will not be outfitted with all the Windows 7 beta has to offer. 

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ILVE VELA Rangehood is for the serious cook

I love kitchen gizmos because anything that can make cooking easier, I'm all for it. But the ILVE VELA rangehood brings a whole new level of technology into the kitchen.

This new device is a rangehood outfitted with a 10-inch LCD monitor. That way you can look at a screen right above your stove. Talk about convenient. And with it up high like that, it's out of the way of splatter and food particles, unlike screens that sit on counters.

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Fallout 3 gets a midnight launch

If you're like many gamers out there, you're anxiously awaiting the release of Fallout 3, Bethesda's latest offering, then you'll be glad to hear the time is almost here. The game is set to be released tomorrow, October 28th, but you can get your hands on the game earlier than most by attending one of the midnight releases.

A few Best Buy locations will open their doors tonight at midnight to let happy gamers purchase the game for immediate playing. This game is hotly anticipated, and for good reason. It's full of story, great graphics, interesting decision-making and more.

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