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SanDisk announces 16GB microSDHC and Memory Stick Micro

SanDisk will soon be announcing their largest mobile phone storage capacity to date with their 16GB microSDHC and Memory Stick Micro (M2). And with a release date in October for the U.S., Europe and Asia, they're just in time to bring the recently announced T-Mobile G1 up to a level playing field with the iPhone 3G in terms of storage capacity.

These new higher capacity memory cards are intended to fall in line with the numerous features available on today's handsets. Where there are more features, there's more need for storage, so SanDisk is keeping with the times. But these cards are not just meant for mobile phones. In fact, they can be used in GPS and video cameras as well.

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Marantz Blu-ray player BD7003 gets official

Marantz has formally introduced a follow-up to its reference BD8002 Blu-ray Player- a much affordable $799 bonus-view Blu-ray for Marantz fans with no desire for BD-Live feature. The player will support 1080/24p deep color over 1.3a HDMI outputs and bitstream all HD codecs, along with lossless 7.1 PCM signal converted from the original HD audio; but it lacks multichannel analog outputs as featured in BD8002 as well as internal decoder for DTS-MA. The BD7003 will be available coming this November.

AgfaPhoto at Photokina- We still make film cameras

Apparently the marketing team at Agfaphoto didn’t get the memo that analog segment in photo camera has long lost it battle to digital cameras. They are still showing not one, but two snapshot film cameras at Photokina. Now that doesn’t make much sense to me; new comer looks to learn back-to-basic photography would probably force to pick up a film camera due to academic reason. (Yes, photographer-wannabe has to start from scratch) There are plenty of prosumer and pro-level film cameras widely available in used market and they are dirt cheap; you can find them almost everywhere from ebay to local mom and pop stores. Why would one buy a new point and shoot film camera at this point?
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Carl Zeiss Projector is breathtaking, 2.5 million to 1 contrast

Is Texas Instrument cooking up some DLP panels beyond imagination and no one knows about it? I ran across Zeiss website and saw this – A Powerdom VELVET projector with unheard of Contrast 2,500,000 : 1, that’s a astounding 2.5 million to 1 contrast ratio! They claimed the world's first and only video projection system with an absolutely black backdrop, and it’s based on TI’s BrilliantColor DLP technology.

Supposed new MacBook Pro pic with touchscreen trackpad: looks fake

Is this the new MacBook Pro?  No, probably not, but it's an interesting idea anyway.  Turning up on from an unknown source, the notebook picks up on quite a few of the rumored features and design aspects we're semi-expecting for the upcoming MacBook and MacBook Pro refresh.  One of the more outlandish is the touchscreen trackpad, onto which the OS X Dock has been moved.

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Apple non-linear Safari history patent suggests Visual Voicemail for browsing

Apple are planning a Safari update to take on Google's new Chrome browser, with a non-linear history that would make tracking website visits more intuitive.  That's the suggestion from a new Apple patent application, which discusses a non-linear, timeline threaded display of a user's browsing history that uses context and a timeline rather than simple forward and back.  In a way, Apple make it sound like Visual Voicemail for your history.

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JVC DLA-HD750 and DLA-RS10 get new twist, boasts native contrast and brightness

As if the original specification weren’t impressive enough, the beamer-squad at JVC went back to drawing board; squeezed 67% more contrast and 13% more light to the highly anticipated JVC HD 150 announced at CEDIA early this month. The new specifications are 50,000:1 native contrast and 900 lumens as oppose to 30,000:1 and 800 lumens. Similar revises were announced for the more affordable DLA-RS10 with 32,000:1 contrast, 1000 lumens compare to original speciation of 17,000:1 contrast and 800 lumens.