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Mitsubishi FL6900U projector is great for pub and commercial use

The new Mitsubishi commercial and education projector is a great candidate for a pub. It’s quiet, bright and only weights about 21lb. I would consider it rather light for a commercial size projector. The native full 1080P projector uses 3x 1.1-inch LCD durable inorganic panels and can pump out 4000 lumens with estimated lamp life up to 4000 hours. The beam is capable of throwing 60-inch to 250-inch of HD pictures.

Hitachi revealed 15mm thin 37-inch LCD at CEATEC 2008

At CEATEC 2008, Hitachi demonstrated an Alpha IPS 32-inch WXGA LCD panel with 19mm at its thinnest part. A year later, the company has rolled up a new prototype with thinner profile, bigger screen at Full HD resolution. As reported last week, the new 37-inch IPS LCD panel has 15mm at its thinnest part. It also features an RGB backlit LCD panel with Full HD resolution of 1920x1080.

Nissan BR23C robot can avoid accidents

Nissan wants to cut the rate of accidents by 50% by the year 2015. And in order to do that, they have developed an accident-avoiding robot called the BR23C, which stands for Biomimetic Car Robot Drive. And the company's inspiration for the bots? Bees.  

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Teddy Bear Lamp is a headless wonder

Okay, so I need to speak up about something. Why oh why have there been so many abuses of the teddy bear lately? Headless teddy bear flash drives and now this lamp? What is the world coming to!

But in all seriousness, the Teddy Bear Lamp is just like any other light fixture. It features a shade made from black fabric that sits on a teddy bear's body. He's soft and fuzzy but missing his head!

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Synaptics add new Gestures to touchpad capabilities

Synaptics - who, if you look in your laptop's Device Manager or equivalent, you might find make your touchpad - have announced two new gestures that their hardware supports. ChiralRotate and Two-Finger Flick will be particularly useful in photo viewing and editing apps, lending themselves naturally to - in the case of the former - rotating images, and - in the latter - moving between images.


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T-Mobile G1 hands-on with ShopSavvy: Award-Winning Android App

Android Community got to spend some more hands-on time with the T-Mobile G1 this evening, at a special developers event held in Dallas.  Big In Japan - the company behind Google Application Challenge award winning app ShopSavvy - were there, demonstrating the software in action on a G1.  Fully operational, we were able to scan a barcode (in this case, a Logitech webcam) and compare prices both at local stores and online.

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