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Microsoft Blue Track blue LED mouse spotted

Microsoft's next peripheral announcement, the Blue Track mouse, has been unearthed in advance of the official unveiling.  Intended to launch on September 9th, the teaser campaign featured the slogan "Say goodbye to laser", a reference to the fact that the Blue Track uses a blue LED and special lens rather than a standard optical mouse.

Samsung 8 & 10-inch Digital Photo Frames with optional WiFi

A clutch of new digital photo frames from Samsung today, and the company gets partial-kudos for giving at least some of them WiFi.  Two 8-inch 800 x 600 frames, the SPF-85H and SPF-85V, and two 10-inch 1024 x 600 frames, the SPF-105P and SPF-105V, are available, although the 'V' versions have WiFi b/g.  Each can load images from their SD/MMC/MS/XD card reader or via the USB memory slot.

Garmin nüvi 7×5 series with optional MSN Direct & A2DP Bluetooth

It's not just the bargain end that Garmin are tackling.  The company also has Navigon's new 7200T in their sights, with the new nüvi 7x5 series of in-car GPS devices.  Each of the four models - the nüvi 755T, 765T, 775T and 785T - have a 4.3-inch wide-aspect touchscreen, lane assist for close-up detail of intersections, semi-transparent 3D models of significant landmarks and, aside from the 755T, stereo Bluetooth support.

Garmin nüvi 265T, 265WT & 275T entry-level GPS

A fresh batch of entry-level GPS units from Garmin, in the shape of the nüvi 265T, 265WT and 275T. Each has Bluetooth for use as an in-car handsfree kit, lifetime traffic alerts from NAVTEQ Traffic and Garmin's HotFix technology which promises faster positioning locks through caching satellite information.

Space Cube tiny Linux PC tested: expensive & impressive

With all the MIDs and UMPCs we've seen recently, perhaps we shouldn't be so surprised by the amount of miniturization needed to fit a full 300MHz Linux PC into a 2-inch cube.  Nonetheless, seeing familiar ports like VGA and ethernet dwarfing the so-called Space Cube's body is still enough to prompt amazement; PC Pro magazine imported one of the tiny cubes to see what exactly you can do with 64MB of RAM and a Space Wire port.

SanDisk Extreme III 30MB/s SDHC cards launch

SanDisk have announced their latest high-speed SDHC memory cards, the Extreme III 30MB/s edition.  As the name suggests, the cards are now capable of 30MB/s data transfer rates, up 50-percent on the previous generation.  Sizes will include 4GB, 8GB and 16GB.

Acer Aspire X1200 HTPC BIOS issue can kill HDMI

Problems appear to be afoot with Acer's recently announced Aspire X1200 HTPC.  Several users are complaining that their network cards would go into sleep mode and then refuse to wake up without a restart; when told by Acer's tech support team to update the BIOS, the network issue is resolved but the HDMI output no longer works.

Sony SACD player promises best quality yet

Sony has announced a new high-end SACD player in Japan, the SCD-XA5400ES, catering to wealthy audiophiles still with a fondness for the technology.  Based on a twin R-core transformer and D/A system - individual components rather than rolled into the general chipset - Sony are calling the parts the best the company has produced to date. 

SlashGear goes to IFA 2008

IFA 2008 is here, and SlashGear's special correspondent Milena Glimbovski is on the ground in Berlin to cover the show.  As is usual with these events, manufacturers have been pre-announcing products in the weeks running up, but there should still be plenty of interesting tech to see.  We'll be picking out the very best of it to bring to the front page of SlashGear.

Shark Gun controller for Wii

Shark Gun controller for Wii

Check out this shark shaped light gun for the Wii. The third party controller can be purchased for a little under $11, and can have you shooting up your enemies with a shark in no time.

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AMD to support three new DirectX 10.1 games

AMD to support three new DirectX 10.1 games

AMD has announced support for three new games. The graphics cards will be used in EA Phenomic Studio’s game Battleforge, Sega’s Stormrise, and NHN Games’ Cloud 9. All three of the games will be using DirectX 10.1. The games that are expected to use the cards and Direct 10.1 together range from strategy games, to a sci-fi title.

Computers need to be using Windows Vista in order to take full advantage of DirectX 10.1, but DirectX is compliant with AMD’s 3000 and 4800 series cards. According to the companies public statement “Only AMD graphics offer top-to-bottom DirectX 10.1 support”.

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TV Cozy protects your LCD

TV Cozy protects your LCD

When you’re done playing your video games for the day, or even just watching your television, the TV Cozy is designed to keep your television feeling loved. The cover protects your LCD or Plasma screen from dust and debris and can also add a little color to your living room.

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