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EPOC headset reads your mind

EPOC headset reads your mind

Australia-based company, Emotiv Systems has just developed EPOC, a headset that could make for a truly unique video gaming experience. In fact, this helmet can read your thoughts.


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iPosture keeps you standing tall

iPosture keeps you standing tall

Sitting at the computer all day not only strains your eyes--it hurts your back. That's why Moacir Schnapp and his wife, Dr. Elma Schnapp, developed the iPosture, which is meant to remind you to sit up straight.

The device is rather small and can be worn on the skin with an adhesive patch, or clipped to a bra strap or shirt. It works by means of nanosensor technology. the microchip within the iPosture can actually monitor the angle of your upper chest and will vibrate when it detects a three degree change from your "ideal stance."

The iPosture will cost about $99.95, but it could be well worth it. The researchers say you may only need to wear the device four hours a day for two to four weeks, initially at least, to train your body into its new upright position.

[via Crave at CNET]

Light Cast provides disco ball replacement, sort of

Light Cast provides disco ball replacement, sort of

I'm all for cool lighting fixtures, but this one looks especially neat. If you are looking to set the mood, the Light Cast from Gadgetshop should do the trick.

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Yamaha BODiBEAT exercise-synchronized PMP goes on sale

Yamaha have begun shipping their exercise-centric BODiBEAT PMP, which automatically selects songs that match the pace of your workout.  Combination earphones and pulse-monitor (which clips onto your ear) are included, as is software that automatically analyses your music and then syncs track selections with the steps of the your walk or run.  Onboard storage is a pittance, however - just 512MB - and battery life around 12 hours.

Gigabyte M528 MID: 3G HSDPA is standard, backtracks Expansys

Fresh news on the Gigabyte M528 saga, as Expansys do an abrupt about-turn and confirm that yes, the Mobile Internet Device does in fact include a 3G HSDPA modem.  Previously the reseller had suggested that the MID, which is up for preorder on both its US and UK sites, would not ship with 3G but leave it as an option. 

Dual-Core Intel Atom 330 back on track for September launch

Intel have announced some good news for anybody looking for increased performance over the current single core Atom CPU.  The dual-core Atom 330, most recently reported delayed until Q4 2008, now looks to be close to its original launch estimate; Intel are suggesting the chip will be available in September this year.  More details of the motherboard/chip package have also been released.

Clarion MiND MID gets GPS focus

Clarion's MiND MID, refreshed for Computex earlier this year, has had another polish and been rolled out at IDF 2008 this week.  The company now appears to be shifting the focus of the MiND a little, away from a pure MID and describing it more as a GPS device that also has internet browsing and media functionality.  While that could be dismissed as mere semantics, it might help give Clarion an edge selling the MiND to a public more familiar with touchscreen GPS devices than than they are with MID.

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Intel Classmate Tablet: best touchscreen netbook so far?

Intel's Classmate Tablet PC was a surprise announcement at IDF yesterday, and Laptop Mag have scored a little more time with the education-focused notebook.  While the hardware is certainly pre-production - both the handle and the touchpad you see here are temporary, with Intel still working out exactly how they will look - overall it looks too promising even to be simply left for the classroom.

iPod Update Imminent: storage doubled, multicolor nano say sources

Fresh rumors abound of imminent iPod updates, with suggestions that Apple are looking to retire or refresh much of their current PMP range.  AppleInsider has heard from Target employees that the product status for all current iPod models has changed from "active" to "discontinued" on their stock management system; meanwhile, UK retailer Argos is apparently preparing to launch an iPod sale, with display materials already reaching stores. 

Sony announces the EyePet: a new take on the virtual pet

Sony announces the EyePet: a new take on the virtual pet

Sony announced a new virtual pet at the Leipzig game conference yesterday, the EyePet. The EyePet is a virtual pet that works along with the camera attachment on the Playstation 3.

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Wii Balance Board navigation through Google’ Streetview

We've already seen hacks of Nintendo's Wii Fit Balance Board - including 3D body control to fly through virtual environments - but if it's sidewalk pounding you're looking for then how about virtually walking through Google Maps?  In this homebrew hack, stepping alternately on the Balance Board platform walks you through Google Maps at whatever pace you move at.

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Rock Pegasus 520: first notebook with NVIDIA 9650M GT graphics

UK notebook manufacturer Rock have announced the 15.4-inch Pegasus 520, the world’s first notebook to be powered by NVIDIA's new 9650M GT graphics. The 9650 GT has 1GB of dedicated VRAM, NVIDIA's second-generation PureVideoHD video engine and full 1080p support, and in the 520 is coupled with an Intel T9500 Core 2 Duo processor, up to 4GB DDR2 RAM and up to a 320GB 7,200rpm hard-drive.