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Nikon D700 DSLR on sale now

The much-rumored Nikon D700 DSLR, with its 12.1-megapixel FX-format sensor, Nikon’s EXPEED Image Processing System, 51-point auto focus system with 3D Focus Tracking and two Live View shooting modes, was promised for the end of July, and true to their word it's starting to show up at online retailers.  RitzCamera currently have the D700 as available now, albeit with limited stock, and at the full list price of $2,999.95 for the body only.

Eee to get ‘all day’ battery and cloud storage option, says report

ASUS are planning an "all day" battery for the Eee netbook, as one of what is rumored to be monthly hardware and software upgrades "to fill gaps in the netbook market".  Little else is known about the battery, such as how long a "day" the company has in mind; presumably ASUS means a working day, giving the compact notebook around eight hours use (hopefully with WiFi switched on).

Dual-core Intel Atom 330 delayed until Q4 2008

Fudzilla have acquired details on their upcoming dual-core version of the popular Intel Atom processor.  The chip, the Atom 330, is designed to be used in budget ultraportables, netbooks and MIDs and is scheduled to be introduced on September 21st.  It will be priced at $43 each; currently the single-core original Atom 230 costs $29.

Gigabyte M912 reviewed: Performance impressive, 2 screens confirmed

After teasing with an unboxing video yesterday, Chippy made good on his promise and ran benchmarks and gave in-depth opinions on the Gigabyte M912 touchscreen ultraportable last night.  Turns out that Gigabyte themselves were watching, and have confirmed that there will only be two versions of the M912: both will run Vista or XP (no Linux option), but where the M912 will have a 1280x768 CCFL-backlit LCD, the M912M will have a 1024x600 LED-backlit LCD.


Watch Chippy's overview review video after the cut

HP working on cheaper Mini-Note netbook

Buoyed by the success of their original Mini-Note budget ultraportable, HP are planning a second, cheaper version to better compete with the ASUS Eee and other lower-priced netbooks.  According to Jerel Chong, HP Australia’s Market Development Manager for Notebook PCs, the company is looking to develop a "a similar device (to the 2133) but at a lower cost ... It won’t be as durable but it will be cheaper".

Revo iBLIK RadioStation iPod dock with WiFi & DAB digital radio

Revo have added iPod compatibility to new models in their iBLIK range of DAB digital radios and WiFi streamers.  The iBLIK RadioStation features DAB and DAB+ radio reception, FM radio with RDS, WiFi internet radio and digital music streaming from PC or Mac.  There's also an iPod dock which both plays back content stored on the PMP and simultaneously recharges it.

Sato USB Drive from the Solid Alliance

Apparently it's flash drive Friday, because I've managed to write up two in a row thus far. We'll see if I can toss in one more this afternoon. This one comes straight from the infamous Solid Alliance.

Star Wars Mimobot Series 3

My thoughts on the Star Wars Mimobots is always a little shaky. Thus far there are very very few that I would actually consider forking out the cash for. However, I'm actually really liking series three.

Guitar Hero DLC – Dragonforce three-pack

I must say that I'm impressed by Activision. They have announced yet another track pack for Guitar Hero III. Granted, it won't be out until next month, but it's definitely good to see that they haven't given up on DLC. So what could possibly follow up the Virtuoso Pack? Apparently only a trio of Dragonforce tracks.

Nintendo of America president sees Wii storage issue “mainstream” and “urgent”

We all remember the famous “geeks and otaku” comment from Nintendo regarding the types of people that wanted additional storage for the Wii. Well Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime recently shared his thoughts on the matter.

Capcom goes retro with Mega Man 9

Back in the NES days I loved to play Mega Man. However, much like Sonic the Hedgehog, as the games continued over the years, I started enjoying them less and less. It's been a few years since I've even touched a Mega Man game (aside from replaying the original last year), but I have to say that I'm excited about what Capcom is doing with Mega Man 9.

Rumor – Full Guitar Hero IV setlist leaked

It's tradition that with every Guitar Hero game, there are rumors regarding “leaked” setlists that will show up from all over. I do believe that we have our first such list, which of course comes from someone with absolutely no explanation as to how they came upon it. Hit the jump for the entire list.