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Fabrik [re]drive claims most eco-cred for USB hard-drives

External hard-drive manufacturer Fabrik have announced what they're calling "the world’s most energy-efficient, resource-conscious, Turbo USB 2.0 external storage and backup drive", the SimpleTech [re]drive.  Basically a 500GB USB 2.0 hard-drive, Fabrik have used bamboo and recycled aluminum for the enclosure and coupled it with an EnergyStar compliant power adaptor.

Samsung Q1 Ultra range gets new HSDPA and Vista versions

Samsung has announced two new versions of the company's Q1 Ultra UMPC.  The Q1U-CMXP adds a 3G HSDPA modem, while the Q1UP-V replaces Windows XP with Vista Business.  Both use Intel's 1.33GHz Core Solo U1500 processor, but in a nod to Vista's greater RAM hunger the Q1UP-V doubles standard memory to 2GB.

Intel 2.33GHz Core 2 Quad Q8200 CPU set for August 31st launch

Intel's rumored Core 2 Quad Q8000-series processor is set to launch on August 31st, in the shape of the 2.33GHz Q8200 according to recent reports.  The chip will have a 1,333MHz FSB and 4MB cache, and slot in beneath the existing Q9000-series of quad-core processors.

E-Lead Noahpad with touchpad keyboard unboxed

E-Lead's Noahpad UMPC showed up at CES 2008 with an Eee-alike casing, super-swivelling hinge and a dual-touchpad interface that recognised gestures and also typing using the printed key layout.  It's finally made it into the hands of UMPC Fever, and it looks like they've not even waited until they drove home in order to shoot the unboxing video. 

Check out the E-Lead Noahpad unboxing video after the cut

Wibrain I1 UMPC update with Intel Atom and SSD storage

Wibrain have announced an update to their UMPC line, introducing the Intel Atom processor and HSDPA mobile broadband.  The new I1 brings casing tweaks as well as hardware changes to the previous VIA C7-powered B1, including 1.1GHz and 1.3GHz Menlow (Silverthorne/Poulsbo) CPUs and a choice of storage: 30GB or 60GB HDD, or 64GB SSD.

Dell Studio Hybrid PC wireless peripheral guide briefly shows up

Dell's Studio Hybrid mini desktop PC, which first surfaced with some particularly blurry photos back in June, has turned up again with far crisper edges.  The line drawings were included as part of an internal customer service session page detailing how the wireless keyboard and mouse should be paired with the curved main unit. 

SlashGear Review – NZXT Sentry LX

When you're overclocking, or even just have a higher-end gaming rig, you probably like to know just how hot things are getting inside your case. More so with overclocking, as you tend to run the risk of pushing your components a little to far and frying them due to the excessive heat. Usually your motherboard will come with a nice hardware monitoring utility, but I don't generally like those, as they take up valuable real estate on my desktop. Not to mention you can't always check temps during a gaming session without minimizing your screen. I prefer hardware gauges, such as the new Sentry LX from NZXT, which I have had the pleasure of using.

Melting Clock honors Salvadore Dali’s artwork

If you're on the lookout for a bit of quirky art, this clock takes on a similar shape to one featured in Salvadore Dali's The Persistence of Memory painting. This little clock if nothing else would definitely make for a nice conversation piece.

The Blaze comes with Sega Genesis games

If you're missing the days of playing on your Sega Genesis, you might consider picking up the Blaze. Which is preloaded with all kinds of games that you likely used to play on your Genesis.

The Faucet Fountain simplifies daily routines

Sometimes the coolest gadgets of them all are the simplest kind. This Faucet Fountain allows for you to be rid of all those paper cups you keep in the bathroom for a quick rinse after brushing your teeth. Which would also be great for those that are just wanting to cut down on the amount of waste going out of their house.

Rumor – Some Xbox Live games free to play online

Last week we heard that Microsoft decided to make the Games for Windows Live service free for everyone to use. This of course led to wide speculation that they may move to make all Live services (or at least multiplayer service) for the 360 free as well. According to rumor, some of this may have already taken place.

Rock Band Weekly DLC – New singles galore

This week's DLC for Rock Band is a little different from what we usually see. Normally we look forward to tracks that we've heard many times before, with the occasional new single thrown into the mix. However, this week we are treated to three brand new singles from different bands.

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