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Sony VGX-TP1 Media Center PCs with Blu-ray & HDMI

Sony continues its hat-box obsession, with another pair of circular Media Center PCs.  The white VGX-TP1D and the black VGX-TP1DQ/B both feature Intel's 2.1GHz Core 2 Duo T8100 CPU, 2GB RAM and GeForce 8400M GT graphics.  Where they differ is in storage and optical drive: the TP1D has a 320GB hard-drive and a dual-layer DVD writer, while the TP1DQ/B ups that to 500GB and drops in a Blu-ray drive.

Mitsubishi 65″ LaserVue TV coming Q3: twice LCD color at half the power

Mitsubishi has released a little more detail regarding its upcoming LaserVue TV sets, that promise an astonishing twice the color of rival HDTVs while demanding only half the power.  The sets, which will be available in 65-inch and 73-inch sizes, also support 3D images.

Rumor : Virgin Mobile to absorb Helio into their brand name

Rumor : Virgin Mobile to absorb Helio into their brand name

There have been a few rumors pertaining to the future of Helio, one of which being that they will be shutting down some of their stores to cut down on costs. Another has been that Helio might be merging with Virgin Mobile.

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Live Luggage offers battery-operated suitcase

If you're stuck toting around a lot of luggage then you know it can get tiring after a while. Especially for those that aren't supposed to lift above a certain weight due to health concerns.

Xbox 360 handheld console concept design

Alright, the people that sit around and create these designs that make us gadget addicts heads go to mush are just cruel and unusual. This particular concept was featured in T3, it is an artist's rendering of what was hinted at by Microsoft a while back ago.

Elecom girly earbuds coming in July

For all the ladies looking to replace their non-girly earbuds, these cute little polka dot guys will be hitting the market at the beginning of July. These earphones from Elecom come in two different versions.

Less than 3,000 people affected by Hot Coffee lawsuit

Hot Coffee. There was a time when that actually brought to mind a cup of Joe. However, since the whole incident with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, we rather think of the rediculous lawsuit involving a part of the game that isn't actually playable without a good deal of work. So the final numbers from the suit are in, and you may be surprised at the number of people seeking damages.

Quake III, Simpsons style

Have you ever thought that you needed to play a really violent Simpson's game? Well here's an awesome vid that gives you exactly what you've been craving.

Rumor – PS3 Soulcalibur IV to feature Kratos

Soulcalibur IV already sports a nice lineup of guest characters. Honestly, who wouldn't want to play as Yoda, Darth Vader, or even his apprentice? Well Star Wars-themed characters aren't the only ones looking to make their way into the game. If rumors are to be believed, we may just see another exclusive character for the PS3 version.

WoW originally was to be ad-supported

If you had a chance to play an ad-supported version of World of Warcraft, rather than shelling out $15 per month, would you go for it? Well apparently that's the way Blizzard had originally intended to make the game.

Apple pulled into lawsuit by small Nevada company

Apple pulled into lawsuit by small Nevada company

Dell ,Apple, Fujitsu, HTC, Lenovo, LG, Nokia, Panasonic, Palm, Samsung, and Toshiba have all been added to Typhoon Touch Technologies hit list. Typhoon is accusing these companies of using their patented ideas that date back to 1995 for the touch computer. Their patents were so open ended and broad that they have been able to pull these companies in saying that all of their touch computing is in conflict with their ideas. They created the blueprints for their technology for the police departments based on touchscreen portable devices with built in computers.

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Lenovo ThinkPad SL-series confirmed

Lenovo has confirmed the existence of its upcoming ThinkPad SL-series, recently leaked in an errant presentation.  The notebooks, targeted at Lenovo's bread & butter small and medium business market, will be priced from $699 to $1,199, and, in a first for the ThinkPad and perhaps for the market, include online backup services as standard.

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