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The hideously pink PSP promotes a PC game

Marketing certain games and the way it is done sometimes blows my mind, for example this painfully pink PSP. That obnoxious image on the front, that's not promoting a PSP game, no, it's promoting a PC game.

.Mac users can now receive emails on domain

.Mac users can now receive emails on domain

Apparently Apple has enabled the ME.COM domain name for most .Mac subscribers. Email sent to should be arriving to inbox by now. Apple plans to migrate the email services from to domain soon, but will also keep the as an alias domain. MobileMe will be replacing .Mac as Apple’s web-based services that provide address book, email, and calendar services. Apple has set MobileMe to launch in early July.

Maxx Digital DVD player mimics the PSP

I like many others love my PSP and it turns out that Maxx Digital has a similar fondness for the portable gaming device. Actually, they would just like to borrow a few of the design qualities.

Study finds online Doctors are more effective

Turns out that seeing the your doc less might be better for you, that is according to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The study was conducted studying 778 patients with high blood pressure.

SlashGear Review – Guitar Hero On Tour

I've been on the fence about Guitar Hero On Tour ever since it was first announced. I mean, just how much fun would Guitar Hero be without the guitar? Well I've had about a week to play with it, so I figured it was time for me to share my thoughts.

Diablo III announced

Diablo II definitely ranks among my list of favorite games for the PC. There's just something about hacking and slashing my way through the minions of evil that I just can't get enough of. I'm pretty sure it's only been around a year since the last time I played it. Like many other fans of the series, I was disappointed long ago when it was stated that there would be no future Diablo titles. However, Blizzard has since changed their tune, as the third game in the series has been officially announced.

More details on the 2.40 PS3 firmware

We all know by now that the 2.40 update for the PS3 is going to contain the highly-anticipated XMB feature. However, sending messages without exiting your game can't be the only big thing included, right? Hit the jump for a rundown of features that will be accessible without leaving your game.

Rock Band 2 is official!

Man, every now and then I get blindsided by an announcement that I just wasn't expecting. Sure, we all knew that Harmonix was working on Rock Band 2, but I really didn't expect to hear anything official until E3 at the earliest. Well the cat's out of the bag, so read on for some highlights of what to expect about this awesome sequel.

SlashGear TV Week in review Episode 1

SlashGear TV Week in review Episode 1

We hope you enjoyed the pilot episode of SlashGear TV week-in-review.  This week, we are back with episode number 1.  While we're happy with the 25-minute clip, there's still a lot of room for improvements.  That being said, please submit your feed backs as to what you liked, didn't like or want to see more of (within reasons of course).  We're striving to do our best to make each week entertaining as well as informative.

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Voodoo Envy 133 laptop breaks cover, poses

Talk about accurate naming.  You may not be too keen on the particular paint-job this specific example of Voodoo's Envy 133 notebook is sporting - I have to admit, insipid-orange it wouldn't be my first choice of color - but you have to agree that it's a slickly designed machine.  The images come courtesy of The Next Bench, chief hanging-out spot of Voodoo aficionados.

SOCOM PS3 Bluetooth headset revealed

This is no ordinary Bluetooth headset; while it will likely work with your cellphone or laptop, the PS3 branding should give away the fact that's it's been Sony sanctioned.  Actually, this is the headset that will accompany the Blu-ray version of SOCOM Confrontation for the console, with a couple of gaming-specific features that differentiate it from a standard hands-free kit.

Super-Toaster wins award for highest propelled toast

The great thing about toast is that it's fast - slap bread into toaster, wait a couple of minutes, there's your toast.  Usually you don't have to worry about it taking your eye out or possibly maiming you, but that's the fire you're playing with if you're trying to toast with Freddie Yauner's "The Highest Popping Toaster In The World".

This monstrous ballistic-bread cannon is in the Guiness Book of Records for the highest toast launching.  In the picture you can see your breakfast apparently reaching the top of UK landmark Nelson's Column.

Check out the super-toaster in action after the cut!

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