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Mio Knight Rider GPS with authentic KITT voice!

Believe me when I say I've never been tempted by a novelty GPS voice until now.  Mio are set to release a Knight Rider-themed sat-nav system that features the authentic voice of KITT.  That's right, not a naff impersonation, but actual voice prompts and comments from actor William Daniels.  It's fun from the first time you hit the power switch, too; KITT instantly asks you "Hello Michael, where do you want to go today?"

Panasonic ToughBook ruggedized UMPC to launch this week

Panasonic are readying their own Atom-based UMPC, although the device will bear little resemblance to the slick, compact handhelds we're used to.  Fitting into the company's ToughBook range, the as-yet unnamed ultraportable will be a touchscreen-based ruggedized tablet, using rubber covers and a protective casing to keep the UMPC functional in extreme conditions.

Wooden portable NES mod

At first glance this looks like a Gameboy Micro clad in wood, but actually the scale is rather different.  The handiwork of The Longhorn Engineer, it's in fact a modified Nintendo-on-a-chip (NOAC) retro NES gaming console packed into a custom wooden case and given a 3.5-inch display and Li-ion batteries for some portable classic play.

ASUS Eee Stick Wiimote-alikes hit FCC

Someone at ASUS has obviously decided that there's a market for Wiimote-like peripherals, since a filing for the Eee Stick wireless gesture-based controllers has just shown up at the FCC.  According to the report, two Sticks will be supplied - one with a D-pad and the other with an analogue controller - together with a USB dongle using an unnamed 2.4GHz wireless connection.

iRiver Lplayer PMP reviewed: good, but where’s the speaker-stand?

When we first saw iRiver's Lplayer PMP back in May, we described it as "quite a standard PMP" except for one feature: its nifty transparent speaker-stand that gave the whole thing the look of some tiny cathode ray tube.  PC Mag have just reviewed the player but, strangely, there's no mention of the speaker accessory; could it be that it's a Korea-only add-on?

ASUS Eee 1000H upgrade potential assessed

The lure of modifying the Eee 1000H was already too much for the TweakTown boys - after all, they'd hardly had ASUS' largest budget ultraportable in the building for a few days before wiping XP and trying out Vista - but they've since taken things one step further and cracked open the casing to take a look at what's inside.  The outcome is surprisingly good; obviously the bigger chassis has left ASUS free to pick some more mainstream components and standardised connectors, making future upgrades a far more realistic proposition.


SlashGear Week in Review – June 23rd

Our traditional Sunday "Week in Review" is a little late this time around, but we hope you can forgive us as we've been trying out something new.  To mark the official launch of SlashGear.TV - where you'll be able to find all of our hands-on, unboxing and review videos from SlashGear and all of its sibling sites - we've switched to a video Week in Review.  It's also a chance to introduce our two new writers, Bree Pearson and Ashley Ahern, who will be hosting each week.

JVC NX-PN7 – Dual Docks for your iPod and iPhone

JVC NX-PN7 – Dual Docks for your iPod and iPhone

There are many people out there who own both an iPhone and an iPod. JVC is trying to bank on the idea of satisfying these consumers by unveiling its latest speaker docks for both iPhone and iPod. The JVC NX-PN7 features two docks for both devices to sit on the docking speaker system.

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Centrino 2 processors arriving mid-July rather than August

Centrino 2 processors arriving mid-July rather than August

Centrino 2 processors were slated for August, but it might not be that long until we see the new chips in some upcoming mainstream notebooks. Intel is now anticipated the chip to be available to manufacturers as early as mid-July.

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Unsubsidized iPhone may sell for $700

Unsubsidized iPhone may sell for $700

AT&T has still remained mum on the subject of unsubsidized pricing for the iPhone 3G. This is something people are interested in, since many people may not end up qualifying for the unsubsidized price, due to already being mid-contract. (Granted, we still don’t know exactly how AT&T plans on handling this situation). However, some recent news from O2 might give us a good idea of what to expect.

O2 will be charging anywhere from free to £99 (for the 8GB model) which, on the higher end comes up to almost the same as what we are expecting to pay over here. Unlike AT&T, O2 will be offering the iPhone with one of their prepaid plans. You will have to pay an unsubsidized price to get one of these, and they’ve been kind enough to announce the unsubsidized price, which is £350. Now if this unsubsidized price holds true here in the US, we could expect to pay around $700 for an 8GB iPhone.

Edit: Updated to reflect correct price

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Samsung’s U900 Soul now in pink

Samsung’s U900 Soul now in pink

Samsung’s U900 Soul is not exactly a new product, obviously, since we managed to get a hands-on look at it way back in February. However, they have decided to branch out and try to snag a few more customers by adding a new color to the cute little slider phone.

They are tossing in this pretty new pink, hoping to pick up a few more ladies I’d imagine. However, keep in mind when you are trying to decide whether or not to pick one up this new style doesn’t have any extra features besides the color.

The phone is being sold exclusively through Phones4U. It is also being sold with an Orange contract, purely for free.

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Paul Frank’s new iPhone Folio Cases

I have had one of the rubber Paul Frank cases on my iPod Touch for a few months now and love the look of it. Well now Paul Frank has come out with a new line for the upcoming iPhone.