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Alienware Area-51 ALX gets 4GHz Core 2 Extreme overclock

If Acer thought rivals Alienware would take one look at their new Predator gaming PC and run for the hills, they've another thing coming.  Alienware have dragged their already-incredible Area-51 ALX back into the lab and subjected it to some serious surgery.  We're not talking mere botox, either: how about a 3.2GHz Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9770 overclocked to 4.0GHz, 4GB of DDR3 RAM and dual ATI or NVIDIA graphics cards.

Epson 13.4-inch A4 e-paper prototype unveiled

You could be forgiven for thinking E Ink have cornered the e-paper market; after all, their Vizplex displays are currently used by Amazon's Kindle, Sony's Reader and eBook ranges from multiple other dedicated manufacturers.  Seiko Epson might give you cause to think again, however, having just unveiled a 13.4-inch, A4-sized screen at SID 2008.  That's almost twice as large as the company's previous display, which measured in at a mere 7.1-inches.

Samsung confirm new UMPC in Q1 2009

Samsung is planning the third refresh of its UMPC range in Q1 2009, likely to unveil the new designs at CES in January.  That's the word from Jeongseon Euh, Principal R&D Engineer in Samsung’s Computer Systems Division; in an interview with Tech Radar, Euh confirmed that the company has a 65-percent market share in the UMPC segment, and is using that lead to experiment with alternative form-factors.  In terms of total sales, Samsung has shifted approximately 100,000 of the different Q1 versions worldwide.

Lenovo announce $16.4bn sales in last year

Lenovo has released their end-of-year 2007/08 financial results, and shareholders are likely to be pleased.  Consolidated sales overall increased by 17-percent over the previous year, to $16.4bn, while shipments of PCs and laptops specifically grew by 22-percent (compared to a 16-percent industry average).  Notebooks made up 61-percent of total computing sales in the last quarter, up 38-percent from the year before, which Lenovo are crediting to increased general demand for portable devices and a larger range (including the ThinkPad X300 we were so impressed with last month).

Bestlink Alpha 400 super-cheap Linux ultraportable

If you're looking to make your mark in the crowded budget ultraportable segment, you have a choice: aim to oust the Eee with extra features, a faster processor or a slicker design, or go for the wallet-vote and price your machine lower.  Hong Kong-based Bestlink is going for the latter route, with their Alpha 400 notebook priced at just $250 (including shipping).   Despite the bargain price you still get a 7-inch LCD, but elsewhere it's obvious where corners have been cut to shave off costs.

Qualcomm color mirasol display debuts in rugged PMP

Qualcomm has announced the industry's first color IMOD displays, which will be used by Freestyle Audio for their latest rugged PMPs.  IMOD, which stands for Interferometric Modulation, is currently marketed under Qualcomm's mirasol brand; previously only bichrome displays using the technology were available, already being used in a number of cellphones.  The mirasol displays are similar to OLED, in that they require significantly less power than traditional LCDs, but use ambient light to illuminate the screen rather than a backlight. 

CTL 1L1PC WinXP Eee-rival: is it worth $50 more?

Although ASUS' Eee may not be the very best budget ultraportable out there, it's already become the benchmark against which all others are compared.  Latest to step up is CTL's 1L1PC, which the folks at Laptop Mag have been putting through its compact paces.  Running Windows XP, rather than Linux, and with a 60GB hard-drive and 1GB of RAM, those well-versed in these machines might spot that it's seemingly a rebadging of the Airis Kira 740, albeit with a few hardware tweaks.

5-mile WiFi b/g bridge for bargain $318

Networking company HD Communcations has announced a low-cost WiFi bridge with up to five miles line-of-sight range.  The HD26200 consists of two high performance Ubiquiti network radios with integrated 17dbi dual polarity antennas, and can bridge WiFi b and g networks.  Best of all is the price: just $318.

A closer look at the Guitar Hero World Tour drums

I try to steer away from writing about the same subject twice in one day, but I watched the Guitar Hero World Tour video again for a good look at the drums, and I noticed something strange. Lets see if you can spot it in the picture below.

New DS colors confirmed for Europe

Remember those new DS colors that we showed you the other day? Well it looks as though the rumors were true, and the colors are real. Well, they're real for Europe at least, which would explain why they started showing up on a Spanish site first.

Nintendo has officially begun distributing these advertisements which clearly show some new colors for those in the European region. You can never have too many colors, right? Europe is especially in need of a few new colors, as they've not been as fortunate as the US or Japan in getting some of the extra ones we've seen. Of course now I'm wondering when we'll see these new colors hit the US shores.

Rock Band Weekly DLC – The Cars

It's only Wednesday, so we normally wouldn't expect to hear about next week's DLC for Rock Band for a few more days. However, it seems that Harmonix is so excited about it that they just can't wait. I can understand, as this marks the second full album download that will be available for the game. If you're a fan of The Cars, then you'll want to download their self-titled debut album next week. Hit the jump for the track listing.

Guitar Hero World Tour footage revealed

We've all know that this was coming, but Activision has officially announced what they hope to be their Rock Band-killer. Check out a sweet video of the guitar and drums after the jump.