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Panasonic PZ850 HDTVs with YouTube & Picasa released

Panasonic's latest range of web-enabled LCD TVs have finally launched in the US.  Announced back in January, the high-definition VIERA PZ850 is available in sizes ranging from 46 to 65-inches, and is compatible with Panasonic's "VIERA CAST" multimedia content system.  That offers both YouTube videos and Google Picasa Web Album browsing on your big-screen TV, without requiring a media PC.

Fujifilm Z200fd & A850 point-&-shoot digicams announced

Fujifilm have updated both their Z-series and A-series of digital cameras with the FinePix Z200fd and the FinePix A850.  The Z200fd has a slick metal body, 10-megapixel CCD and 5x optical zoom.  Meanwhile the 8.1-megapixel A850 has a 3x Fujinon optical zoom, ISO 800 sensitivity and image stabilization.  Sadly the company hasn't done much for the A850's appearance; compared to what's on offer from rivals (and in fact compared to Fujifilm's own Z200fd), it looks quite bland and uninteresting.

AMEX Digital RM-mp1 Wireless USB touchpad media remote

AMEX Digital have taken a break from making DVD and Blu-ray decks to unveil their new RM-mp1 remote control.  Using Wireless USB rather than IR or a proprietary RF link, the RM-mp1 works as a media remote, a presentation controller and for general PC control courtesy of the built-in touchpad and mouse buttons.  It's also fitted with a USB pointer for momentarily dazzling anybody who tries to throw eggs at you during presentations.

BioShock confirmed for PS3 release

Remember that rumor that was floating around last month about BioShock getting ported to the PS3? Well it has been confirmed in this month's issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly.

GameStop gets exclusive access to Red Hulk

I loved me some comics when I was a kid, but I was always more of an X-Men kid fan than a Hulk fan. Sure, his story was interesting and all, but I just never really got into it that much. So needless to say, I've never heard of a Red Hulk. Apparently this is a new addition to the Marvel universe, one that will be making it's video game debut on a GameStop-exclusive version of the new Incredible Hulk game on the 360.

Pre-order Fallout 3 and get a fake 45

Is there really any reason to pre-order most games except to get yourself some swag? I rarely have trouble finding a game on release day unless it's something crazy-big, and even then it usually just takes wandering into Walmart or Meijer and grabbing it. So what crazy free goodies are you going to get for pre-ordering Fallout 3 at GameStop? You'll be getting 5 free tracks from the game.

PS3 users to get free God of War song for GH III

Last November Xbox 360 users were able to download the Halo theme song as a free track for Guitar Hero III. This of course left PS3 users scratching their heads wondering when they were going to get a free track. Of course they knew they wouldn't be getting the Halo track, since that was a 360-exclusive title. Well fear not faithful PS3 owners, your time will come June 5th.

So what game theme song will you be getting? God of War. Now exactly what song this is, we're not entirely sure. However, since June 5th isn't all that far away, we'll find out soon enough.

The retro Computervision PC mod

If steampunk is a bit too antique for your style, you might like this retro all-in-one PC instead. Dschrubbe made this very cool PC that houses a flat screen monitor inside of the portable TV.

The Wii will soon have Beer Pong

For those that still enjoy their rounds of beer pong, now the Wii is picking it up. Frats everywhere will rejoice over this game, because you can't have too many options when it comes to drinking games.

Art Donovan’s steampunk style gadgetry

If you enjoyed the movie The Time Machine, then you'll probably enjoy Art Donovan's designs. All of them remind me of the Sci-Fi antique style featured throughout that movie.

Acer Aspire Predator first-impressions: serious gaming goes mainstream?

When Acer launched their Aspire Predator gaming PC range on Wednesday, little did they realise that bit-tech were lurking in the wings waiting to clinically dissect their offerings (and literally dissect what turned out to be an unexpectedly fragile drive-cage door).  Acer are apparently aiming the Predator line at the high-street, rather than the more usual "online niche" systems which it believes intimidates and confuses new buyers.  While many have prematurely dismissed the Acer as a gimmick - not least because of the eye-ache paint-job and mechanised codpiece - first-impressions seem pretty good.

TSA X-ray laptop bags hitting shelves in 3-4 months

Being something of a geek, I actually quite enjoy checking out what notebooks people are unpacking when waiting to go through airport security.  However, I'd happily trade that for a quicker check-in, so hearing that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) are working with laptop bag manufacturers including Targus and Scooba Design to create X-ray friendly carry-cases is, in today's security-obsessed times, welcome news.  The new bags would exempt owners from needing to unsheathe their notebooks when going through airport screening, and would have be free of image obscuring padding, straps or electronics.