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The DS releases ads just for female gamers

The DS is well known for attracting female gamers, and I am always for more ladies gaming. However, their new line of commercials leaves me with mixed feelings, one of those feelings being nausea.

Mondolithic Studios creates oil paintings of WoW characters

Many have heard about the Figureprints that you can enter a chance to win the opportunity to buy a figurine of your favorite WoW character. However, the odds of getting one seem so slim that it might be best to look for an alternative way to turn your character into art.

The Mytunes MP3 Amp plays your tunes out loud

It is rare that I find the portable speakers for iPods all that interesting, or even cool but this cute little amp is a nice change. It'd be great for any musicians, or those that wish they were, myself being one of the wishful many.

The Contactbox charges gadgets, hides cords

If you have difficulty remembering all of your gadgets on your way out the door and need a nice way to tuck them away while they are charging this Contactbox would be a nice solution. It can hold any of your gadgets with the elastic cord and leaves them displayed out in the open.

VIA OpenBook mini-note reference ultraportable revealed

VIA has unveiled its latest ultraportable notebook reference design, the OpenBook mini-note, intended to promote its C7-M ULV based Ultra Mobile Platform.  Combining the low-voltage and economical processor with the company's own VX800 digital media IGP chipset, the OpenBook has an 8.9-inch screen and a choice of WiMAX, HSDPA and EV-DO/W-CDMA modules for mobile connectivity.  The OpenBook also has dual 2-megapixel webcams (internal and on the outer lid) together with up to 2GB of RAM, which should cater reasonably for the choice of Vista Basic, XP or various Linux flavors.

The Icebar Waterproof Nano Speakers

Not being able to take your tunes with you for a long shower or bath can be obnoxious at times. Yes, you could set up your iPod outside of the water, but if you aren't in the mood for a certain song, you're just stuck with it. Well this handy little case will help out you iPod Nano owners.

New Oddworld game in the works

As a kid I was one of the few that wasn't allowed to own a gaming console, so instead I played PC games. The first game to really draw me into console gaming was Oddworld, which my Uncle happened to own.

The PSP is the Playstation gateway drug

Apparently the SCEA thinks that the PSP is Sony's official gateway drug, and frankly, I believe it. I was not nearly as much of a Playstation addict until I got a shiny new PSP.

DIY Batgoggles teach cheap echo-location

These DIY batgoggles may have a well-intentioned purpose - to teach the principles of echo-location to kids visiting a science center - but they also could make midnight paintballing a whole lot more interesting (and/or painful).  Bleeping angrily whenever an object or person is in front of you, they're part of Suneth S. Attygalle's "Dynamic User-centered Research and Design" project.  Echo-location relies on bouncing high-pitched sounds off of objects in your path, measuring the time it takes for the sounds to return (or the frequency they return at) to calculate how close the object is.

Check out the video of the batgoggles in action after the cut

Rumor – Guitar Hero: World Tour pricing discovered

I'm sure that by now you've seen that Activision is hoping to reach the Rock Band crowd with their upcoming Guitar Hero: World Tour. They have a few tricks up their sleeve such as dedicated cymbal pads and custom tracks, however, one of the big questions remaining is of the price. Will it be able to compete with Rock Band in terms of retail price?

Mystery of the Mega Man titles solved

Have any of you managed to figure out how many Mega Man titles there are? Apparently Capcom was having some issues figuring out the answer to that question themselves, and posed it to gamers earlier this month to find the answer. Well they seem to have gotten things sorted because they recently revealed the answer in a report listing various life-to-date sales figures of their gaming franchises.

Metal Gear Solid 4 to feature lengthy 90 minute cut-scenes

I've always been on the fence about cut-scenes in games. One part of me knows that they are a necessary part of the storytelling process, while the other side gets dreadfully bored watching them drag on for several minutes. I guess it depends on the game, how well the scenes are made and how long they last, really. If time is a factor for you, then you might not enjoy the lengthy cuts-scenes featured in Metal Gear Solid 4.

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