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Android touchscreen prototype: Live pictures & video demo!

We're still waiting for the full details from Vincent at the Google IO Keynote, but we wanted to share these first live photos and video of the latest touchscreen Android prototype.  Things have certainly moved on since the last version of the OS we saw: back then Google basically asked us to look past the slightly clunky GUI and concentrate on the potential.  This time round, there's no squinting necessary!  Graphics, animations, functionality, all is slick and up to speed. 

Check out the Android demo videos after the cut!

Google IO keynote is about to start: “Client, Connectivity, and the Cloud”

Google IO keynote is about to start: “Client, Connectivity, and the Cloud”

Google will be announcing quite a bit of news over the next two days, starting with the opening keynote and a press conference this morning.

The keynote will be given by Vic Gundotra, VP of engineering, at 9:30am in Moscone West.  The title of the keynote will be  "Client, Connectivity, and the Cloud."

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ASUS 10-inch Eee 1000-series official launch at Computex 2008

ASUS plan to officially launch their largest Eee PC yet, the 1000-series with a 10-inch display, at Computex 2008 in Taipei, Taiwan. Believed to have the same specs as the Eee PC 901, the larger model was developed after customer feedback asked for bigger keyboards and screens. The company confirmed the 1000-series name in an invitation to Hong Kong journalists:

"ASUS is looking forward to welcoming you during Computex 2008 in Taipei, Taiwan, for the ASUS' 08 Computex Trilogy of launch events. We would also like to specially extend an invitation to you to attend the official global launch of the new Eee PC 901 and 1000 series" Jonney Shih, Chairman, ASUS

OLPC XO-2 has native MultiTouch, haptic feedback likely

The OLPC team probably predicted that their ever-so-slick XO-2 renders would prompt some "is it feasible?" critique, mainly due to its inclusion of dual-touchscreens.  Intended to fold down the middle like a book, the two screens would serve either as facing pages or as a screen and virtual keyboard.  Pixel Qi, the company set up by former OLPC chief technology officer Mary Lou Jepsen, will be responsible for providing the display panels themselves, and she's been answering some questions on what functionality the XO-2 will carry and how a $20 touchscreen price-point is feasible.

Sony Sountina NSA-PF1 glass omnidirectional speaker

Sony have given the green light to their Sountina NSA-PF1 non-directional speaker, which will go on sale in Japan on June 20th.  The lightsabre-like column is six-foot tall, much of which is a shaft of organic glass that vibrates with a 50 to 20,000Hz range.  Actual power output is not mentioned, but the system does have a 13-cm subwoofer, 7-cm mid and organic glass tweeter.

Sony to include tru2way standardised interactive cable in LCD TV

Sony is the latest manufacturer to sign up to the tru2way cable platform, the standard announced at CES 2008 that aims to integrate cable services into TVs rather than rely on set-top boxes.  The inclusion of tru2way would also mean customers could access the interactive elements being offered by multiple cable companies, no matter which service they were using.  Currently Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications, Bright House Networks, Charter Communications and Cablevision are all supporting the standard, between them making up the top six spots for the US' largest cable companies.

Video Game actually saves marriage

Many have heard the horror stories of video games ruining marriages and several gamers have had at least slight conflicts over their gaming habits. Well now there is an actual success story about a video game saving a marriage instead of destroying it.

The Steampunk USB drive

There have been several mods to USB drives and many of them I have found interesting and creative, however, now I just feel like I set my standards way too low.  This mod makes any lego or geek inspired mod seem just sad and uninspired.

The Advent K200 Laptop lets you change the cover

Everyone has different things they look for in a laptop.  Looks is usually somewhere in the list of preferences, even the best laptop out there wouldn't sell nearly as much if it featured a horribly ugly design.

Many Xbox Live Arcade games are in danger of being de-listed

It is a sad day for a great many Xbox Live Arcade games. It seems that some of them aren't quite selling like hotcakes, and are in danger of being de-listed from the service. There are some really classic titles in there like Pac-Man and Frogger, which is sad to see. Hit the jump for a big list of games that may soon disappear.

Street Fighter IV fights its way onto Xbox 360, PS3 and PC this year

We've been hearing about Street Fighter IV for a while now, and lately rumors have been floating around about which consoles it will be appearing on. Capcom has finally graced us with an official confirmation regarding the release.

Samsung F480 Tocco: Video Unboxing & First Impressions

After a Memorial Day delay, Samsung's F480 Tocco has been delivered and we're ready to show you the SlashGear unboxing video and share our first-impressions of the touchscreen handset.  It's one of the more unusual unboxings; this is the first time I've had to "uncrate" a gadget!  The Tocco is an important handset for Samsung - they're spending big money on its European launch - and despite its compact dimensions they've packed in the functionality: HSDPA 3G, a 5-megapixel camera with autofocus and the latest incarnation of the TouchWiz GUI.  Read on to see whether the F480 has got what it takes to impress.

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