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BenQ T850 World’s Thinnest 8MP: touchscreen gesture control

BenQ have announced what they're calling the "world's slimmest 8-megapixel camera", the T850.  Featuring 1600 ISO, a 3x optical zoom and smc PENTAX lens, the T850 measures in at just 14.9mm deep, with a stainless steel body available in either red or black.  BenQ have obviously been looking to the latest cellphones for their UI, as the 3-inch touchscreen responds to gestures such as tap, circle and swipe.

Centrino 2 Montevino delay confirmed; no chips until August

Intel has confirmed that the launch of its next-generation Centrino chipset, "Montevina", has been delayed until mid-July.  The platform was originally slated to launch in Q2, with the official launch predicted by the end of May.  Intel are blaming both hardware and documentation issues for the hold-up; the new chipsets won't be available in volume until August 2008.

"There were two minor issues we found during final testing – one with our integrated graphic chipsets, which we have found a workaround for but need to re-screen our parts, and second around our wireless wi-fi chip, which was a paperwork and certification mistake we made" Bill Kircos, Intel spokesperson

DIY SSD Samsung UMPC upgrade dramatically boosts performance

As solid-state drives gain popularity, we've seen a few products that offer a way to retro-fit flash-based storage to your notebook, usually in the form of an adaptor that allows you to plug one or more Compact Flash cards into a traditional hard-drive socket.  Steve from UMPC Portal has taken the plunge and used a Ably-Tech PA-CF18Z adaptor and a Transcend 8GB CF card with a theoretical 45MB/s transfer speed.  Best of all, he's not just walked through the installation but benchmarked it against the UMPC's original performance.

Dell working on ‘Mini Inspiron’ ultraportable budget notebook

Looks like Dell aren't content to see rivals sweep through the budget ultraportable market, and want to pick up some market share themselves.  The company has confirmed - but only just - that it's working on a "mini Inspiron" with no official name, spec list or pricing details.  However Michael Dell himself told Brian Lam that it was intended as "a low-cost notebook meant for developing countries". 

A look at Guitar Hero IV from D6

Man, I feel like I'm being really harsh on Guitar Hero today, but I really just can't help it. First we have the horrible video for Guitar Hero: On Tour, now we have a new one for GH: World Tour. This isn't a bad video, but some lady manages to say something to Activision CEO Robert Kotick that I think we've all had on our minds. Hit the jump for the video.

UK retailers cut gamers a break on Rock Band

We all know that when it comes to video games, our friends in the UK almost always get shafted. Whether it's from a delayed release or a jacked-up price (usually both), it seems that they just can't catch a break. Well they've waited long enough to get their hands on Rock Band, and now a few retailers are throwing them a bone by cutting the price right off the bat.

Mass Effect ships for PC, minus DLC

As you no doubt already know, BioWare has officially shipped Mass Effect for the PC. We told you a little while back that this shiny new version would be shipping with the DLC. Well, that wasn't entirely true.

How to rock out with Guitar Hero: On Tour

I've been up in the air about the whole Guitar Hero: On Tour since it was announced. I just haven't been able to think of a time where I'd be happy to lug around an extra accessory for my DS. If you too are on the fence, you might get some help from this official “How To Rock Out” video. Check it out after the jump.

VIA announce Nano processor: 4x faster than C7 CPU

VIA has announced their latest mobile processor, the Nano, based on the company's Isaiah Architecture and promising up to four times the performance of the existing VIA C7 CPU while remaining within the same power range.  Two versions will be made: the L-series for mainstream desktop and mobile PC systems, and the U-series that provides ultra-low voltage performance for small-form-factor desktop and ultra mobile devices.  Both are pin-to-pin compatible with the C7, meaning hardware upgrades should be relatively straightforward (for manufacturers, at least).

3K Computers RazerBook 400 ultraportable gets bargain $299 tag

3K Computers have finally got around to launching their Eee-rival, renaming it in the process from the Longitude 400 to the RazerBook 400.  More interesting, however, is the price adjustment: it now carries a MRSP of just $299.  For that, you get a 7-inch screen, sub-2lb weight, 4GB of flash storage (for a claimed 8 second boot) and 400MHz processor.

Android prototype Q&A: video, transcript & hardware details

It seems this fresh Android prototype has once again stirred up interest in the open-source OS, and one of the common questions is "what smartphone is that?"  After impressing the crowds with their live demonstration, the developers sat down for a Q&A session; you can see our exclusive video of that, together with a transcript, after the cut.  While the handset maker couldn't be revealed due to a pesky NDA, what we can tell you is that it's based on a 528MHz Qualcomm chip, uses a Synaptics capacitive touchscreen and 128MB RAM/256MB flash memory.  This particular prototype is UMTS, and the demo itself was carried out using a 3.6Mbps HSDPA connection.

iRiver P10 PMP: DMB, big touchscreen, but why the small HDD?

Having first seen the iRiver P10 PMP back at CES 2008, it's been pretty much all-quiet on the news front regarding the slick touchscreen media player.  Happily we've now got some more information, and while it's perhaps more of a niche product than, say, the iPod Touch, that's not to say it's a slouch.  Based on a heavily-disguised Windows CE core, the P10 has a 33GB hard-drive, 4-inch 800 x 480 touchscreen and optional DMB.

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