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Logitech Pure-Fi Mobile Bluetooth speakers & speakerphone

If Sony's Rolly portable speaker system is a little too unusual (and rich) for your tastes, then Logitech's far more traditional Pure-Fi Mobile Bluetooth speakers might be a reasonable alternative.  Packing the A2DP Bluetooth profile for stereo audio, as well as a standard 3.5mm input jack, it will happily stream music from PMPs, cellphones or laptops.  Two microphones, however, mean the Pure-Fi Mobile serves double-duty as a portable Bluetooth speakerphone.

The PMS CLAN is not what you might have guessed

When one hears of an organization called the PMS CLAN only one thing comes to mind, premenstrual syndrome or really moody women. A group of female PC gamers was probably the last thing I would have guessed.

Study about pregnant women and cellphone usage

There have always been rumors that cellphones might have a few unwanted side effects, typically I have scoffed a bit at them. I am a bit curious about this new one though, especially since the researcher happens to be a former skeptic until the facts they discovered were too much to ignore.

The NEC creates LCD in a pretty heart shape

The NEC has developed a way to make TFT LCD panels able to feature shapes besides the average square or rectangle. Which is nice for those that would enjoy something a bit cuter, like a sweet little heart shape.

The Mother of Pearl Xbox 360 offered as a sign of peace

The Xbox has seen a great deal of different mods, however, this is Xbox is an official Microsoft design. It was made as a sign of good will between the United States and South Korea.

Rumors of red and green DS Lites

There is a new rumor floating about that a couple new colors will be making their way onto the DS Lites. This pretty red and green have been shown as coming soon on a Spanish retail site.

The Revolve power strip helps with bulky plugs

Everyone has their ways of dealing with all the cords that tend to pile up with all of the gadgets and computers that all of us seem to have around. I have my way of just tucking them aside in a tangled mess. However, there are a great deal of tech enthusiasts that would prefer something a bit more organized, and perhaps even a bit convenient as well.

Wacom & E Ink develop pen-input ePaper displays

Digitizer specialists Wacom and e-paper manufacturers E Ink have announced a deal that will see the former's digital ink technology incorporated into the latter's low-power, paper-like electronic displays.  It will open up the market for eBooks and newspapers that can be annotated and those notes stored and exchanged.  The pair are describing the development as "the ultimate vision of an interactive piece of paper."

Hitachi DZ-WR90 standalone Blu-ray burner for hard-drive camcorders

Hitachi have announced a new Blu-ray burner that can create discs directly from the latest camcorders sporting eSATA ports.  Bypassing the need for a computer, the DZ-WR90 plugs straight into the camcorder - and presumably you'd be using one of Hitachi's hard-drive based high-definition models, to make the most of Blu-ray's capacity - and automatically creates discs from the footage you select.  It even finalises the discs automatically, making it a complete one-stop solution for anyone wanting a straightforward way to share their video. 

DIY multitouch rear-projection TV

I can't get enough of these DIY multitouch projects, in fact I'm hoping that the more companies like Microsoft see that there's demand for large-scale, low-cost touchscreen technology, the more likely it is that they'll release products that the less DIY-able among us (myself included) can tackle.  This latest, by Christopher Jette, outwardly resembles a rear-projection TV, but in actual fact it's a purpose-built multitouch displaythat uses the Frustrated Total Internal Reflection system to recognise multiple points of contact.  As with many of the other projects, it relies on a hacked webcam, a standard projector and special software.

Check out the demo videos after the cut

Age of Conan will only take 250 hours to reach level 80

Recently it was revealed by Age of Conan director Gaute Godager that it will only take the average player around 250 hours to reach level 80.  This seems to have some people stirred up, as it takes the average WoW player almost double that time to reach level 70. Does it mean that there's less to Age of Conan? Not necessarily.

Sony Rolly dancing speaker robot comes to US

Sony's Rolly dancing wireless speaker robot might be a relatively pointless frippery, but now it's a pointless frippery you can officially buy in the US. The company has announced that the easter-egg-sized "Sound Entertainment Player" is now available in retail stores across the country, having been available exclusively in Japan for some time now. Not only does Rolly have stereo speakers, it can be programmed with specific dances via the included choreography software.

Check out the video of Rolly in action after the cut