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Acer Predator gaming PC: quad-core CPU & mechanical codpiece

According to Acer's dramatic tagline, their new Predator gaming PC range is "Faster. Deeper. Harder. Further."  The metallic orange desktop certainly catches the eye, though I'm not sure everyone will appreciate the looks (or the mechanical drive bay cover, which reminds me of a trash lorry mechanism); however what will likely impress is the guts of the beast.  An overclockable quad-core Core 2 Extreme CPU with liquid cooling, up to 8GB of DDR2 800/1066 RAM and three NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX video cards.

Judge recommends guilty charges for Jack Thompson

If gamers had a a single collective enemy, that person would be Jack Thompson. He's gone out of his way time and again attempting to rid the world of games that many of us find quite enjoyable. While I've often wondered what we could do to finally defeat him once and for all, it seems that we need to do nothing, as he's already done everything himself. We told you back in February that he was appearing before the Florida Supreme court, now it looks like he very well be found guilty of the charges.

More Metal Gear in the future, still no more Solid Snake

I admit that I haven't been a huge follower of the Metal Gear games. They're great in their respect, just not for me. I have played enough to know that Solid Snake is a bad-ass, and many people are going to be sad to see him go. However, what even many hardcore fans don't know is that MGS 4 isn't necessarily the end of the series, just the end of Solid Snake's story.

Microsoft ups XBLA game limit to 350MB

There has been a lot of talk about the size limit that has been imposed upon developers for the Xbox Live Arcade.  Developers have been having a hard time conforming to the strict 150MB limit, which isn't surprising considering the file sizes that we deal with these days. Well, Microsoft has listened to concerns about this, and increased the cap to a whopping 350MB.

The Apple NesRemote mod

The NES controller seems to be one of the favorite items to mod, and even to make giant working models in its image. Well this cute little mod is a fairly simple one and extremely useful.

The very cute Munny Speaker Dolls

These cute little speakers may look like a professional mass produced product, but this is actually a home made item. Made by a Flickr pool member, Fungus Amungus.

Greenpeace discovers hazardous chemicals in gaming consoles

This just in, violent video games don't kill people, game consoles do. Alright, that's not entirely true, the game consoles won't kill you, but the hardware used still contains hazardous chemicals, despite gaming companies cleaning up their act.

N-trig 22-inch MultiTouch touchscreen with pen & finger input

Touchscreen manufacturer N-trig could be the people to bring my large-scale multitouch dreams to fruition.  While Microsoft's Surface is way too expensive, and DIY versions a little too complicated for the average Joe, N-trig are claiming that their DuoSense screens are ready for OEMs and ODMs to start integrating in mainstream products.  Combining both digital pen input and capacitive touch, DuoSense offers all the usual MultiTouch features including rotating, stretching & shrinking and playing multi-player games.

Check out the demo video of N-trig DuoSense in action after the cut

OLPC XO-2 concept: $75 for dual-touchscreens by 2010?

It's tricky, as a tech company, predicting how people will react to your latest shiny concept.  In OLPC's case, I've a sneaking suspicion that many will be saying "concentrate on hitting that promised $100 price-point with your current laptop" rather than spending too much time cooing over a render that really looks too good to be true (even for the estimated 2010 launch).  The OLPC XO-2 has dual-touchscreens and can be used in traditional laptop orientation, via an on-screen keyboard, or as an eBook with the hinge running down the middle. 

Optimus Popularis sub-$1k follow-up to Maximus shuns OLED

Art Lebedev Studios, the team behind the Optimus Maximus keyboard, have released some fresh (if scant) detail on their next project.  Named Optimus Popularis, as the name suggests it's another keyboard but one aimed more at general consumers.  Estimating a sub-$1,000 final pricetag, it apparently won't use OLEDs for the keys but "will be based on a totally different principle".

Bocci flush-fitting power outlets

No matter how slick the adaptor you plug into your wall, if the socket it's going into looks ugly then the Good Housekeeping people will never be around to photoshoot your home. Thankfully Bocci are on hand with an alternative to cracked plastic outlets or brass-finished surrounds. Their flush-fitting outlets appear to float in the plastered drywall; of course, the system behind making it look so effortless is never quite so simple.

Check out the demo video of exactly how the system works, after the cut

Sony BRAVIA V4000-series digital HDTVs

Sony have announced their latest HDTV range, the BRAVIA V4000-series.  Larger than the V4500 launched earlier this month, three sizes of V4000 will be available initially - 40-inch, 46-inch and 52-inch - with more options later on in the year.  Each packs 1080p high-def support, integrated DVB-C/DVB-T digital tuner and the BRAVIA ENGINE 2 processor for a 33,000:1 contrast ratio.