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The Pudding Lamp gives an excuse to eat lots of chocolate pudding

If you're addicted to your pudding or yogurt and are constantly tossing out the plastic containers, you might consider turning them into a lampshade. Kianee did exactly that, creating this very retro lampshade.

The Blender Lamp makes use of broken blenders

If you have an old blender that is no longer working and you enjoy quirky lighting, this DIY project might be something to try out. This would be especially cool if you managed to snag a slightly more retro blender off of eBay or if you knew someone with one just lying around.

The Mail Chime for those that get more than junk mail

For those anxiously awaiting their mail to arrive, constantly peering through the blinds to see if the mailman has finally arrived, this gadget is worth checking out. It will let you know when the mailman opens the box by letting off a little chime indoors.

Panasonic Strada F-Class satnav with remote home automation

Panasonic's latest Strada F-Class car navigation systems are yet another reason to lament not living in Japan.  The CN-HX1000D and CN-HW1000D borrow the VIERA label from the company's premium LCD TVs, though scaled down to just 7-inches, and throw in a DVD player, GPS, hard-drive, iPod link, Bluetooth and a 1-Seg digital TV tuner.  Most impressive, though, is Panasonic's "From Home to Car" system: that uses a Bluetooth cellphone to link up with a networked home.

Datasound LX800-LCD: Geode PC in a compact screen

You know those case-mods where a slick little LCD is fitted into the front, showing status updates or CD cover-art?  Imagine how much cooler it would be to fit a whole new computer in, instead.  That's not exactly what Datasound envisage you doing with their new LX800-LCD computer - in fact they're meant for embedded kiosks and other such dull applications - but when faced with an AMD Geode LX800-based full PC squashed into an LCD panel's metal frame, I can't think of a better use.  There are four display sizes to choose from, ranging from 6.4-inches to 15.1-inches, and they're all passively cooled.

Emtec gdium EM-PC with removable OS key

Set to rival ASUS' Eee in the Australian market at least, Emtec's gdium EM-PC is yet another budget ultraportable to add to the long, long list.  Details are relatively scant at the moment, and the only picture we have is this side-on view, but we do know it's running Linux, has an 8.9-inch, 1,024 x 600 display and uses removable flash memory for storage.  In fact, Emtec are particularly proud of their GKey USB dongle, which seemingly locks the machine when removed and contains not only user data but the OS and system files.

Apple switching all MacBooks to LED backlight claims Chinese report

Apple is set to replace all the CCFL backlights in its MacBook range with LED systems, according to the latest news from China.  Reported in the Chinese-language paper the Economic Daily News (EDN), Apple have selected Taiwan-based BLU maker Kenmos Technology to provide the LED backlight units (BLUs).  The company already supplied Apple with the majority of its BLUs in 2007, according to the EDN.

Nintendo Wii Fit US launch: Video Unboxing & First Impressions

Nintendo's Wii Fit has finally launched in the US today, and we practically snatched it from the hands of the mailman (he's pretty used to it) to shoot a video unboxing for you.  We'll be attempting to recover our sense of balance and put the innovative controller through its paces for a review later, but hands-on first impressions are good.  Rated for up to 300lbs, the Wii Fit may be plastic but it feels sturdy and reassuring and the four non-slip feet are promising for use on wooden floors.

Check out the Wii Fit unboxing video after the cut

Earthquake Supernova MKVI flagship subs

Audio specialists Earthquake Sound have revealed their latest floor-throbbing subwoofers, the Supernova MKVI series.  Hand-made in the US, the MKVI slots in at the top of Earthquake's subwoofer range and packs a 1200 watt dynamic and 600 watt RMS Class D switching amplifier together with a new room correction system for balancing the sound.  Unlike rivals, which equalize by adjusting the volume, the Earthquake system takes time reflections and refractions into consideration.

The Solar Energy Purse keeps your gadgets going

It seems like solar gadgets are popping up like daisies anymore. Well here is one slightly more fashionable gem, that allows for you to charge up your little gadgets on the go. Even when it isn't in direct sunlight it has a battery it can run off of.

Samsung 82-inch Quad-HD 2160p LCD

It can be tricky sometimes finding decent shows to watch in HD, but if you're of a mind to buy the superlative display first and worry about content later, there are some people in Samsung's sales department who would love to speak to you.  The company has unveiled the industry's first 82-inch Quad-HD LCD; that's 2160p, or 3,840 x 2,160 resolution.  Not only is the screen huge, and very high definition, but it's fast, too; it has a 120Hz refresh rate, double the typical 60Hz standard.

Flip Mino camcorder landing June 4th

If Creative thought they could smack down budget camcorder rival Flip with their recent Vado and get away with it, it's time for a reality check.  An eagle-eyed browser has spotted Flip's latest model, the Mino, in B&H's print catalog, and it's likely to be the company's retort to the Vado's "dramatically thinner and lighter" claim.  So far, little is known about the camcorder, aside from its $179.99 price-tag, choice of white or black casing and June 4th release date.

Presumably it's a smaller, lighter version of the existing Flip Video.  The pop-out USB port looks to have moved; it was previously on the side, and now, although it's hard to make out, it appears to have shifted to the top of the camcorder.